Thursday, September 4, 2008

What does a broken/ fractured windscreen look like?

This, I present to you



and This

See the glass chips? I got several small cuts :(

This morning, 9:45am when I was on the way to office, a rock (I guess) came out from nowhere hit my windscreen, I heard a very loud 'BANG' and I saw my very nice windscreen became a spiderweb screen.

I wasn't panic at all, I was calm, there was only one thing on my mind
"I will be late for work, Mdm L*ke is coming to sign the agreement..."

That's it.
No screaming, no crying,
I'm not frightened, at all. heart beats didn't jump up high.

Slowly, I drove my car to the 3rd lane, and turned all of the signals on. I made a call to Kevin, unfortunately he didn't pick up. So I called his mum, after all it's her car and I don't know which workshop to go.

After that, I made a several phone calls. First, I called my dad and told him about the incident, after that I called my mum, my mum was really worried.

All of them suggested me to stop my car in gas station, but I didn't listen to them, because I still can peep the road through the broken windscreen, I could drive. I didn't stop...until I reached my office. Things were all fine :)
That moment, I realized...I'm a very brave and calm woman, hahaha ;)

my thigh, not neck

I have too many happy days, this is something "negative" to neutralize my very positive life. The good news is, I'm injured...lots of small small cuts on my thighs (bad when you are wearing short skirt), hands, neck...these small cuts are not visible, but it's painful. Why I think it's a good news? Because the glass chips didn't hurt my eyes and there is no visible cuts, definitely not like THIS :)

Once I parked my office, I called Michell, my eldest sister.

"Are you busy? I have a very funny thing to tell you!"

"OOh, really? What is that?"

After I told her the whole incident:

"Ah! Do you want me to come and rescue you now?"

LOL!!! :P
My sister is really cute ;)))
She suggested me to shower, change my clothes, and go to saloon to wash my hair, because the glass chips might cut other 'parts' ;)

I showered in the office, no water heater...damned cold. I wore Kevin's shirt and his short pants, he has some clothes in the office, sometimes he slept in the office.

Kevin gave me some money (I didn't ask him to give me, okay?), asked me to wash my hair at the saloon nearby,
"Roughly how much for the hair wash?"

"Should be not more than RM20...the saloon nearby my house only charge RM18"

Kevin gave me RM30, (sorry la...I only have RM10 in my wallet, I don't usually bring money when I go to work), before I went out, he gave me another RM10. Then I thought

"Silly ar? They will not charge more than RM20 for hair wash, what for you give me RM40?"

But I was wrong, terribly wrong
"Ooh...we charge RM30 for normal hair wash, if you want to use better shampoo, need to pay another RM8."

Ci xin, bak chi, gila, cilaka...why so expensive??
The saloon nearby my house only charge RM18! And what? Need to pay extra RM8 for 'better' shampoo? HEY, L'oreal shampoo only costs me RM14 (for the whole bottle, not per wash).

The hair stylist started to wash my hair...I cursed him for charging me expensive, bloody hell... :P Nope, I didn't curse him, hahaha! Was kidding...different saloon has got different charges, I understand.

After he applied shampoo, he started to massage me...started from my head, to my neck, then my shoulders... what's more? He put his hands inside my shirt and massaged my back. Hoo hooo...I was like
"Huh? What is he doing? Is this a kind of sexual harassment??"

He didn't get my permission and...and....and I was there for HAIR WASH, not massage.
"Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god...should I ask him to stop?'s too comfortable..."

I wasn't day dreaming!
I kept my mouth shut, thinking...maybe it's part of the service. Later on, I found out, it's actually part of the service (I would say it's not part of the service, but they do some extras to make their customers relax and comfortable), because I saw a female hair stylist massaged her client (a lady). Hoo hoo...super glad I didn't slap on his face and ask him to stop :P

At the end of the day, RM30 for a hair wash and massage (Total: 1 and a half hour!)'s considered cheap! :D

You see
This is what happened when you go to saloon for 'wash and blow', the hair stylist will style your hair according to their own preference.

What happened to my curly hair then?
Pictures attack!

I'm tanned, like a toasted marshmallow!

Side view

Do, Re, Mi

Secretly...I like this hairdo :)
It's something different and I don't think I can 'blow' until my hair look like this, instantly, I took a bunch of photos of my temporary hairdo

You can skip the rest of this entry, only photos and photos :P

This, doesn't look like me

I'm tanned... :'(((
It's all because of Phuket and Port Dickson!

I can go very low sometimes...

Bye hair!



Unknown said...

Hi, V2. :)

Glad to hear that you were not seriously injured and that you kept your calm. Bravo!

But you probably should have stopped the car sooner. What if you had gotten into another accident? That broken windshield would not have protected you at all.

And that hair makes you look like an anime character. :)

Dr V said...

Wow...that's a lot to handle at the start of your day! I'm really happy that you're not injured, and proud that you handled the entire episode so well. I hope this gives you confidence that you can trust your instincts, and that you'll make the right decisions under pressure.

Funny story about the hair afterwards. What's the lesson there? Listen to Kevin...he's always right! hahaha

Love you both!

Happy Tinfoil Cat said...

Glad you are okay; the world needs all the super-cuties it has.

* Nette * said...

hi violet! lucky the glass din crash while on the way to your office :) small cuts are easier to get better :)

oh, and i like your hairdo. looks good on you babe! :)

violetmay said...

Burnt, Thank you B! ^^ HHhhmmmm...yeah, I think I should really listen to you, after all you are a very experienced driver (hohoho...) :P

dr_v, LOL! At first, I thought to make a serious entry...don't know why ended up with a funny ending, sigh!
Anyway, hope you enjoy my blog :)))

Hello happy! I like your must be somebody who always bring happiness to people around you, thank you for the visit! :D

nette netteeee, I woke up this morning and realized my very nice hairdo became a bird's nest :S