Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The 1st time she slept on my laps

Brought Sugar for grooming again, as I'm such a lousy momma, I don't know how to tie her hair!!
Photos of Sugar, again, I don't know if anyone of you dislike her, I just assume all of the people love her like I do, and I'm going to shoot bunch of photos of her today! :P

I don't know how, I'm just really addicted to her, which is a good sign ;)


And she tried to grab my camera!

After a day of jumping running jumping running scarring...
She found a comfort zone, on my laps
It was the first time she fell asleep on my lap and has became a lapdog -_-"
A terrier should never became a lapdog!
But I love seeing her resting, napping sleeping on my laps, she looked comfortable and warm sleeping in there :)

And, the first time I got to snap really close-up/macro photos of her

One of her eyes


I love her so :D



Mike said...

I loved it when our dog would fall asleep with her head on our leg. It felt like a sign I had been very good and was very deserving.


Isn't it hard to put a ribbon on her hair when she's moving around a lot?

violetmay said...

It's really hard...need at least 2 persons to hold her into position, and tie it before she moves again, hehee :P

Dr V said...

Sugar thought she was going to live a quiet life, in a private family. WRONG!!!!!! Poor Sugar is just being exploited on the Internet in front of the whole world. hahaha

Nice to see Sugar's doing so well. ^_^

violetmay said...

Gagaga, the word "Sugar" brought some people to my blog :P