Friday, June 26, 2009

The death of King of Pop, Mchael Jackson

Michael Jackson was my favourite man, I used to listen to his songs everyday after school
"I just can't stop loving you" was the song I wanted to sing on my wedding one day
"Heal the World" was the song I wanted to perform on stage when I was younger
"Earth Song" was the song which made me cry whenever watch that MTV
"You are not alone" was the song I listened to when I was broken-hearted
"They don't care about us" was the song I swore I will never leave him
"The way you make me feel" was the way you made me feel, Michael Jackson, I truly loved you

Way too many rumours about him before his death, I never listened to those, never cared as it was not important to me. I remembered I told some people, including Joan, that I will marry him if he proposed. That was just a dream, I even told her I wanted to have his babies.

I shall never forget him, rock in peace, Michael :'(((



Dr V said...

Great Michael Jackson tribute V V!!!! This is how any person would want to leave this world...loved and respected for the legacy they leave to the living. Like you, I was shocked, and felt deeply saddened that Michael Jackson was gone. Not because I knew him personally, but because I caught a glimpse of his soul.

Regardless of what the tabloids said, he was a wonderful and caring person, who gave more than what he took for himself. It's more sensational to focus on times when a person trips and falls, but to remember all the good a person does...that reminds us of our obligation. That's why people prefer to dwell on the negatives of others...especially celebrities.

If any of us was followed relentlessly by news cameras 24hours a day, 7 days a week, for more than 40 years...then I'd bet we too would have a few seconds where we do something laughable. The real laugh is on those people who had potential and opportunity,let them pass because they were too afraid to give their best to achieve their dreams. Those people instead look for those other people who might be living their dreams, and hope the courageous ones trip so they don't seem so perfect.

I'm pleased to be reminded that you're the Violet we all know, and one who is confident enough to celebrate another person's accomplishments. It's no a common quality at all anymore. Glad to be your friend!