Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sugar has got hair

Sugar is a furry monster

Yeah, Sugar has got hair.
Not merely hair, but lots of hairsss

And not only a lot of hairssss, but tangled hairsss

I was really pissed about this, if I didn't take care of her coat then it would be my fault and I wouldn't bother to mention here, but the point is I combed her hair twice in a day, okay maybe sometimes once in a day. Everyday after I woke up, there's a new knot, after 2 months, she has got several knots and now became like this -_-"
What makes hair tangle? :S

Yesterday, I brought her to my office and planned to bring her to the pet saloon for make over
Took photos of her before we go there
...good girl!
Didn't run away

Ermm...not really, now you see :P

I reached there at 12:45pm, waited for an hour before Sugar's turn. An hour later, the pet groomer spent more than an hour to shave all the knots off, followed by shower, trimming and all that, I left the pet shop with Sugar at 3:30pm. Almost 3 hours of standing! No wonder my feet hurt later that night. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, Sugar is the most important baby! Of course I was more than willing to wait :D

After the make over...

I think she looks very different

Camwhoring with Sugar


She didn't feel happy as the process of trimming and all that took too long

At home

See her much different..and so thin, I'm going to feed her more from today onwards!
Gonna make her a fatty :P

Thought of the day
Hairstyle really matters ;)



Dr V said...

Poor Sugar had to be so embarrassed walking into the salon looking like she's never combed her hair before. Well all I can say to Sugar is..."ridicule makes a doggie tougher!" hahaha

Seriously though, it's probably a good idea to investigate what kind of comb the groomer uses for dogs with Sugar's hair type. Then maybe the knots might not appear. From what I can see, it looks like the teeth in the comb are too far from each other. Maybe a comb for fine hair is what you might need.

violetmay said...

Seriously we use the same comb. Maybe I was too "gentle" when I comb her hair, should be rougher huh? :P