Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy 4th months old, Sugar baby! ^^

Sugar just turned to 4 months old today, I didn't measure her height and weight, but I could feel she grew up a lot over the past few days! :D
I just took some photos, to celebrate today

"Hello! I'm 4 months old"

"Ooh my...I'm so cute"

"Mummy loves me so much, she just gave me a kiss!"

"Hmmm...actually we kissed!"

"My hair is really MESSY, mummy said she will bring me for hair grooming next week, and she promised to buy me a new toy!"

"...oOoh...I can't wait!"

"Mummy said she wanna take a picture with me...opps! I can't see her eyes"

"I love my mummy! Mummy loves me too"

Happy 4 months old, Sugar, I love you so much! ^^

P/S: Ooh SHIT, I forgot to change clothes before I took photos with Sugar, by the way I always wear this kind of lousy shirts at home, I'm considering to do a fashion show with my really 'casual-home-like' shirts. Hahaha :P



CathJ said...

hehehhehe...I did not notice anything about your shirt..until you mentioned it...ayaaa.... Thats the best feeling la...wearing home shirt.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Yup...but it's very embarrassing when someone suddenly stand at my doorway and I'm forced to open the door :P
Everybody knows my secret! Hahaa

Dr V said...

Happy anniversary Sugar and Mommy!!!! You both look so cute together. ^_^

violetmay said...

Thank you Dr V! ^^