Sunday, June 14, 2009

1st Asian Grand Piano Concert in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

1st Asian Grand Piano Concert in Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Kevin's mum got us tickets :)

Dress code should be Formal somehow I saw quite a number of people were wearing jeans, I should have worn jeans too, hmmpf! Anyway majority of the audiences were well dressed ;)

It's free seating, but they have got several zones, it depends on the tickets you bought.
I went around and took some photos before the concert got started, we were allowed to bring cameras along but no snapshots during the concert, otherwise the bouncers will send us out :P
LOL! I mean event staff :P
Bloody hell, lots of people!

Did you see me?
I was holding a camera...
yeah, "this" camera, that's why you don't see me in this picture :P

In the Plenary Hall

4 grand pianos on stage

At first, we sat in the middle row, later we found out seats behind has got better view, we shifted :)


I wore Punjabi suit that Kevin bought me in Batu Caves during Valentines/Thaipusam early this year

We had some sweets :)

As I mentioned earlier, taking photos inside the hall was prohibited, but yet, I managed to snap a picture of the performers, only 1 pic, no more! To my surprised, almost 4/5 of the pianists are females!

The concert started at 845pm, ended at 1125pm.
Random photos

See? Female pianists from various countries

On the way home, I recalled when I was much younger, I always wanted to learn piano, but my previous home was too small for a giant piano, so when I was 15, mum asked if I wanted to learn violin when I told her I wanted to learn guitar in church with my friends. She said if I chose Violin, she will buy me one but if I chose guitar, I will have to use my pocket money to get it. Violin vs friends (not guitar), I chose to follow my friends. About a year later, we all gave up -_-"
I should have listened to mum and learnt violin instead! Kevin's grade 6 in piano, he stopped due to some reason years ago, anyway he has got a piano at home, ahem, a very dusty piano :P
I told him about my dream, he said it's never too late to learn anything. He is so supportive! Ooh well we'll see ;)



CathJ said...

Ticket say must wear formal..wear formal lorrr.....^_^

Soo...did you play any music in church now? :-D

When I was not married...was on music ministry in church too..^_^ but not playing music....on singing and dance only (dun knw if you've heard about the tambourine dance ;-p)

violetmay said...

No I don't...gave up long time ago, during my PMR exam :))

Hey you should do that now, it's a very good kind of activity, only if I have the talent in dancing :P