Monday, June 15, 2009

Gathering with my college friends

Met up Sandy, Anna and Erica last weekend.
That was more than 3 years since my last met with Sandy, and I didn't meet Erica and Anna for almost 6 years!
Time really flies, but our feelings (I refer to friendship) towards each other are the same, chatted non stop for hours! We met at 330pm, and byed at 8pm, non stop for 4 hours and 30 minutes, no wonder I had sore throat after that, hahaha :P
Photos :D




...well I will have to leave it blank for your imagination :P

Erica and Sandy

Okay, this is Sandy and Violet
I looked tired

There's something I realized, all of us didn't change much, we look the same, dress the same (as in college), and hairdo also almost the same. The most important part is, we are still the same persons! Hehee! We have so many to catch up and I just can't wait until we meet again ;))