Monday, June 1, 2009

A happy weekend :)

Last weekend was fun!
Got to meet my friend Ket for karaoke session and after that Kevin brought me for a show, Star Trek! I didn't realize Star Trek is such an interesting show until now ;)
If you have already watched Star Trek (2009), you have got to agree with me that the red thing should have destroyed our earth and the spaceship. But overall the show was great ;)
I should start today's entry with some self portraits. God knows I hardly do self portraits ever since I cut my hair, because my hair has always been messy, long hair is easier to maintain, mmm well at least I don't have to blow dry it whenever I go out.
My hair now touches my shoulder...okay, "not yet", maybe another 2 months?

I have dimples, somehow many of you didn't realize, most probably because of my chubby cheeks -_-"

I wore my purple Playboy skirt.
I remember the last time I wore it, it was kind of, it fits perfectly, which is not a good news at all. PHUCK!

Ahem, but now I must admit I have got "butts" ever since I gained weight. It was quite flat previously :P

Ket and I!! :D

We went to Hong Kong... :P
Not Hong Kong, but Hong Kong Desserts Place in The Pavilion

She is the sweetest one ;)

She ordered ABC LOLO (shaved ice)
...hey! Isn't this Malaysian style shaved ice? IS it?

And this is mine, something called Chilled Mango Sago with Pamelo
The portion was small, I was quite disappointed

Anyhow it tasted quite OK
Just "OK", I didn't say it's good. Now I regret for not bringing Ket to MOF

The only thing beats MOF was their price

The daydreaming laddee


After that we went to RedBox Plus!

Love the ambiance

Our room was in Fresh Water zone

The real room was far way better than photos shown here

Ket, selecting songs
I'm going to sing a song or two in her wedding end of this year. This is what I MUST do for my best pal ;)
It was her suggestion
"You must sing me songs on my wedding!"

"No problem! For you only!"

"Okay I want at least 5 songs!"

"HUH?! My gosh it's your wedding not my concert"

" least 3 songs!"

"Hmm..okay dear I will think about it"

Tea time buffet

Haa, she looked naive here :P

After that we used self timer to take some photos

Some silly captures


Now you can laugh :P camera fell to the ground.
Luckily it's still working ;)

Before we left the room, I saw this.
It's a vacuum packaging thing, inside has got something..

"What's this?"

"...I don't know"

"...maybe condom?"

I opened it and we saw...a mini shower cap
It's for mics

Holy cow, we should have put this on earlier -_-"

After I byeed Ket, Kevin was already there waiting for me. We did a little shopping in Tangs
He bought me a Sling bag! :D
I love sling bags

See, I was so happy

I'm going to tell you what happened to my messy hair in 3 seconds
Kevin loves tucking my hair behind my ears
"Baby please don't do this!!!"

"Okay I won't"

Few seconds later, he did it again...

"Baby please don't tuck my hair behind my ears, my face will look FAT"

"Ooh okay..."

Then he started pulling all my hair to the front, and I became like this

" do I look now? Good?"

Good, I have smaller face now :P

Okay this looks better

Thank you my darling, for making my cheeks small, muahaha :D

End of the day...

It was really a happy day :)))



Unknown said...

Hi, Miss V! Long time, no comment from me. I've been busy. Good to see you are well. :)

violetmay said...

Hello Mr Burnt, always happy to see you :))

Dr V said...

I think Kevin had the right idea about your hair, because the "Urban Chic" looked so hot in the early photos. Then she pushed Kevin to re-arrange the hair so Urban Chic looks more like the chic from 'Ringu'. hahaha

That karaoke place looks luxurious! And it looks like the ladies had a wild time in there. ^_^ As for that microphone shower cap...well maybe the karaoke place is including that for your own benefit. Maybe they have a secret! Could it be that the mini-shower cap is meant to protect you from the microphone, instead of protecting the microphone from you? hahaha

Once again, your photos are always entertaining. Keep up the good work! ^_^

violetmay said...

OMG you made me googled Ringu images and I got shocked! I almost forgot everything about that scary ringu and now you reminded me..Hmmpff!
Fyi, I used to have very long hair, hahaha :P