Monday, June 8, 2009

The lost of a friend

My college friend has passed away in an accident on Sunday morning. He was 27, has a girl friend, 3 of us are in the same class. His girl friend and him have been together since high school.

I attended his funeral with Kevin last night, I was depressed seeing him lying there, soulless. He doesn't look like my friend, he looked like somebody else.

I asked myself
"Is he him is he him? Why he doesn't look like himself?"

Half of his face was gone due to the accident, they tried to cover it with a lot of powder but still...the wounds, were too obvious, I could see his flesh.

It's really hard to accept the death of someone you know, I couldn't do this
I realised,
I, cannot accept, death

I always have a thought, I don't know if I could make it if my loved ones leave me, I seriously have no idea and every time I think of this, I cry

If there's end of the world, I'm not afraid, because we will all be together, to move our lives to another world.

I hope my friend...will rest in peace