Friday, June 12, 2009

National Zoo / Zoo Negara II

Second part of the National Zoo

Now let's go to find Mr Camel ;)

Hmm...where's the camel?

There you are, Mr Camel! :D

"Hehehe, so are you 3 looking for me?"

"I know you like me"
*blushing, look away*

"You have anything to tell me? Like, how much you love me?"


"Hmmpff fine! I'm going to entertain other people!"

"Mr Camel, don't be angry, come come I wanna take photo of your handsome face"

*Pat pat*

Next station, Ape Station

Orang Utan!!!

He was huge

Close up

Handsome guy


And this 'one'

Check his muscles...he really looks like a human being, which is scary -_-"

Random photos



Hmm...look at their ass :P

Nice one, haha!

Last but not least
Cute hippopotamus

Mmm..! Crayon Shin Chan loves Elephant...and I just realized we missed elephants