Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Evil twin II

My evil twin sis loves to make-up.
However her make-up skills suck and she never do full make up as she thinks it's very troublesome to remove it after long hours (the main point is, she doesn't know how to do full make-up, what a shame!). However someday end of last year her evil boy friend has bought her some cosmetics, today she is going to show these to you.


More stuffs

She camwhores with colorful cakes


I begged my evil twin and finally, she allowed me to use her fake eyelashes
This is me before putting on fake eyelashes


See the differences?
Yeah! It was all about fake eyelashes ;)

I swear I didn't apply make up foundation, cream, lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara and whatever shits to my face, just the fake eyelashes did so much different! ^^

It was late at night,'s time to sleep...
Did you brush your teeth before you sleep?
I do!


and spit

Sigh, see?
Just a simple pair of fake eyelashes make every supposed-to-be-ugly actions turns out to be good. This was why I reluctant to remove it (That night)
I think I'm in love with this plastic "thingy"

So do my evil twin

Wow! So long and....

Really fake, but nice.
Just like fake boobies, it's fake, but people love it

Alright, I didn't really understand why women spend so much on cosmetics/spend so much time on making up. But right now I do feel it's necessary after I tried these fake eyelashes (photos were taken some time ago as you could see I had longer hair). No wonder people often say "there's no ugly woman, only lazy woman". It means, ugly women would become beautiful too if they spend time to make up...aikss something like that ;)

Apparently I'm the lazy one
The pair of fake eyelashes are lying still on its box after that night, until today. The make-up sets were still new, untouched.

I wonder if I will become a 'hardworking' beautiful woman one day, hehee ^^



CathJ said...

LOVE it and wowww....envy with those collection!! ^_^

violetmay said...

Thank you Cath :)))
Actually these are all still new, although the collection is no longer 'new'. I have problem using it, must figure it out! ;)

Mike said...

The photo possibilities of the make up boxes are huge! The even cakes of pure color...

But you don't need them for your face, Violet. You can be lazy, because you already are beautiful!

As for the fake eyelashes... my GF just got some. I can't say I like them. I like people to look like themselves. And her beauty isn't enhanced by such things, they only make me think - what's that on her face?!

laverew said...

Which of the evil twins may I have?


I love your hair

violetmay said...

Hahahha, men and women think differently, sometimes women think it's beautiful, but men thought women stick cockroaches on their eyelashes :P

I'm afraid you are late, both of them were taken by Kevin and Koo ;P