Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Papa's Day :)

How was your Father's Day celebration?
We had brunch in an old style Chinese Coffee Shop in Chinatown, a.k.a. Petaling Street. We don't usually go there although it was only 20 minutes from my home (by train), we don't appreciate walking under the big phucking sun.
Okay, actually I enjoy walking under the big Holy sun :P

I thought we weren't supposed to go to crowded tourist spots at this moment, have you heard of H1N1 swine flu, JERKK?

" forgot H1N1?
Why are we here then?"

"AHhhh!!! Yeahhh, why are we here?!"

We were there because dad said this old style Chinese coffee shop located in Chinatown is good. and it was HIS day, so... ;)
Joan (I should have called her Cirphy long ago) and Eling

Asking my dad to pose for a photo with foods is mission impossible, how could he resist? :P

Went to Michell's place after that

Look at my dad, so funny!!!

My favourite girl and I


Michael bought a kite the other day
Hue Ru posing

Do you know how to fly a kite?

We know!
...mum knows, she taught us so we know :P

Fly fly fly, fly up high in the sky

Happy family ^^

My baby model, Hue Ru

She is awesome!! :D

Hue Ru and I

I checked my camera, realized she didn't smile
"Hue Ru, smile!"


This was why I didn't ask her to smile at first place, when she hears "Smile", she would grin, not smile. So whenever I take her photos, I always say "Happy face", she would smile at me sweetly :)

Now this is better! :P

Today was a marvellous day, happy father's day to all of you, and now I shall go to bed :))



Dr V said...

I hope you weren't flying the kite, because you're so light-weight that you might fly away. hahaha

Always nice seeing your family, and Hue Ru. ^_^

violetmay said...

Nobody took photos if I grabbed that kite :P