Thursday, December 10, 2009

Citrey Wong & Macy Khoo's wedding dinner

On Monday, 7th December 2009
Venue: Golden Dragonboat Restaurant 金龙船鱼翅海鲜酒家

On the way :)
I didn't spend time to do self-portrait, never mind the one I posted 2 days ago, K? :P
This is my favourite :)
Sorry for the long absence..


I bought this dress about 2 years ago when I was really slim. I remember it didn't look good on me, I still bought it anyway, because the material was good, and it has huge discount! I've never worn it, it's safely kept in my wardrobe until that day, I re-organized my wardrobe and saw it.
It's deep V, I have to wear a lacey tube to prevent know ;)
But since I've gained weight, I guess now I look good in it.
Should I be happy? -_-"
I guess nope

The invitation card


C & M
Citrey & Macy

Kevin and I :)

Alex and Christine

Jeffrey and Sharon

Pao Wah & Chai Voon

Chai Voon and I were in the same elementary and secondary school! And now she's dating Pao Wah, who's Christine and Sharon's coursemate in College, what a small world huh? :D

Cash and his gf

Us, girls :))

The wedding dinner started at 9pm!

Random shots

Yam Seng!

All of us!

and guess what, I met another friend of mine, who's my elementary schoolmate too! I didn't know she knows Macy ;)))

What a big surprise ;O

Jamie was there too!
Remember I told you, I have a friend who loved MJ too, she's the one ;)

3 of us again

Before we left, a pic with the groom and bride :D

Wishing them a happy married life! :)))
and have baby soon! :P



CathJ said...

Beautiful dress you wearing!! ^_^

Unknown said...

Lovely dress, Violet. And it really seems to me that you're slimmer than some months ago. And you definitely know how to pose for the camera. :)

Good luck in seeking your new opportunity!

Mike said...

I'd have to say that you made the dress look beautiful.

Seriously though Violet - that was a great portrait to start the set with. Nice shot, nice model.

violetmay said...

Hehee thanks!
I seldom wear black color ;)

Scene 8
Hey you are here! Hmmm nope I didn't lose any lbs for the past month ;)
Wait...does it means black is good for me? LOL

Thank you Mike! :D