Monday, December 28, 2009

SIBKL - Christmas Musical 2009!

On 25th of December
Cheryl (who works for Leo, Kevin's brother) is the stage manager of the musical, Kevin's mum got tickets from her, and here we goooooooo to SIBKL church, for the musical :)

Kevin's mum and I

I wore this "Angpao" (Red Packet) to the church, I think...other than Chinese New Year, we should wear red during Christmas too! Green + Red = Christmas

Kevin's dad and I friend Lina was there too!! :D

This church is nice, just like a real musical hall

We sat at the front, 4th row if I'm not mistaken..nice huh? :P

That's Kevin's dad and Leo (who's holding the camera)

Baby and I :D

Speeches from pastor

Senior pastor

The Musical started after speeches and caroling

I'll let the pictures do the talking

The end pose


This Musical has no ending, this musical is actually using another way to tell us, we need God, at least, there's hope if we believe in God, no matter what happens, no matter how worst the situation is, we're blessed because we have God.
I'm not yet a Christian, well, time will lead me to the right path ;)

After that had tea with Leo in Oldtown Kopitiam

Using his external flash on my camera some of you may know, Kevin got me my Christmas present on his birthday early this month... Do you wanna know what I got him on this special day?
Ta da~
A Christmas album
LOL!!! Sorry I'm broke I don't have money to buy him a nice present, guess what, on Christmas Eve itself he gave me a hundred and I used less than thirty bucks to buy him this CD... HAHAHA!
My poor baby :P
But anyway he's loving it, AIKSSS who cares as long as he loves the present I chose

Merry Christmas!!!!!



ahfatt said...

ha, i did donate blood in their christmas activity days before, they had passed me the musical tickets but i am busy that weekend, from your photos, looks like i've missed a great musical! damn!

violetmay said...

Aiks!! You missed it...
Hey actually I've heard a lot of people wanted to come that night but tickets are limited!!! You should have come la..