Monday, December 21, 2009

Ocean Park HK!

I know a lot of people will choose Disneyland HK over Ocean Park, but we chose Ocean Park instead, because...Ocean Park has got Pandas! ^^ It wasn't my 1st time going to Ocean Park anyway :)

See the cable cars?
We were approaching Ocean Park!

Reached! ^^

What's that?!

Hot balloons, now I geddit

Just some random photos...

Mr. Darling Koo

I just couldn't have enough of hot balloons

Panda next :)

This is the cable car I was talking

Was unhappy and worried because of Typhoon signal 1

Silly pose as Kevin suggested

This is how I dance with a panda

Giant Panda Adventure next



Dr V said...

The views from Ocean Park seem better than Disneyland. Of course the typhoon alert doesn't help bring more people to the amusement park, but I think you guys had the place to yourselves. ^_^

P.S.: The panda was looking so nice and friendly, but V V was caught on photo threatening him with violence. haha