Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Some recent shots...
Hahaha, actually all photos in my blog are "recent captures", it's just an excuse to post my cam-whoring pictures..well, I seldom do self-portrait right now
Anyway, only 4 pics!
My favourite angle...but the pics are crystal clear, can see my pores!

Next up, Citrey and Macy's wedding dinner pictures!



Jean said...

looking pretty

A smile from SJ =)

Unknown said...

You're looking very lovely. It seems like you're getting younger and slimmer. :)

Dr V said...

Yes...we can FINALLY see your pores V V! So your blog has once again saved the day. hahaha Yes, I can be sarcastic sometimes. :p

Always glad to see you're well V V. So self-portraits are much appreciated. Oh...and your hair is growing really fast! What are you fertilizing your hair with, huh? haha

Thanks again for sharing. Take care of yourself. ^_^

violetmay said...

Hi SJ, thanks for the visit :)

Scene 8
LOL! It's funny when you said I'm "slimmer" and younger, how I wish that's for real :P

Dr V
Did my pores scare you? :P It has been months since I last chopped my hair, I wouldn't say it's growing fast, but at least, it's growing HAHAHA :P