Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas eve dinner

Unlike previous years, this year Kevin and I had dinner with his parents on Christmas eve. Usually his parents go to church on Christmas eve :)
Kevin's dad wanted to go for a movie with us this year, so after work we bought movie tickets (Bodyguards and Assassins, 十月围城) and headed for dinner in TGi Friday's.
By the way we watched Avatar on 17 of Dec, it was a GREAT show! ^^
TGI Friday's, The Curve

Crowded as usual

Christmas Eve menu, RM65++ for one pax, including appetizer, main course and desserts, beverages excluded.

Kevin's dad ordered Southwest Shrimp cocktail

Sesame Jack Chicken Strips for Kevin's mum
It goes better with a bowl of white rice, I guess

Kevin and I ordered this,
Chicken Fajita Nachos, just like mini pizza, nice!

For main course, we have 2 Roasted Turkeys and 2 Grilled Cedar Salmon
The roasted turkey is errmm...not really nice, quite disappointed with the taste and texture, but their salmon is good ;)

2 Mocha Mud Pie and 2 Mini desserts

thumbs up!

Kevin's parents :)


Overall, their Christmas Eve menu isn't impressive, but get together is the most important part, it's not I didn't see his parents for a long time, I would say we meet quite often, but at this season of the year, it's just so different to dine together for the 1st time. I felt so wrong leaving them alone for the past few years, I think, we should have Christmas dinner together the next year and the next next year!
Merry Christmas!! ^^



Mike said...

You're right, Violet, being with Family is the most important thing this time of year. Growing up, we always went to my grandmother's house and she had traditional Scandinavian dinner that I hated (Lutefisk). But I would go back there this instant if it meant I could be with my grandparents again.

Merry Chrismas, and best wishes for a wonderful, happy, prosperous new year.

violetmay said...

I couldn't agree more...actually being with family is the most important thing after all. Time really flies, I wouldn't wait until the next day to say sorry if I did something wrong. We never know what happens next :)
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my dear friend!