Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shit can fly

Shit, it's very bad not knowing what is the next move.
Wouldn't it be good if future is all written down in our life book and could be found in the National library?
But wouldn't it be boring if everything is so sort of "destinated"?
I'm chicken-hearted/coward (or whatever shit you call), maybe I should go watch Courage the Cowardly Dog, my favourite cartoon at the moment.
I still couldn't make up my mind although everything's "fixed", I wouldn't think much if offer made was 2 years ago! Hey talking about the cowardly dog, Sugar LOVES to sleep under my armpits recent month (okay maybe "on"), GROSS right? But isn't it sweet? By the way I shower twice a day :P

I took lots photos of her, I will post more tomorrow.
17 days to go, time really flies, wonder time flies faster or a fly flies faster (pun intended)?



CathJ said...

armpit warm maaa.... ^_^

violetmay said...


Dr V said...

Your life is just don't know how it turned-out! haha

Seriously, what if the future has already happened? Wouldn't that suggest that the meaning of living is to find meaning in all those decisions? Doesn't that take the pressure off of the weight of the decisions, and put more weight on why we make those decisions? It's just a thought, but it helps to keep me in the moment, and be less fearful of making mistakes. Do your best now, and give your future the best chance of going the way you hope.