Sunday, December 27, 2009

Something weird in the cinema

After workout, I decided to watch a movie before I leave.
Bought Sherlock Holmes at 720pm, bought a bottle of mineral water, Cheezels and Chipsters..I know I'm not supposed to eat any chips after workout but heck, I needed it.
I was on time, however the cinema hall has already filled with people, my left and right seats were occupied. I put my bag on my laps, it's kind of big but I didn't want to put on the floor, the lady on my right placed her bottle water on the chair's bottle holder and the lady on my left didn't have any bottle water, I could put it on the bottle holder on my left side but..
"Opps sorry I thought this is my water bottle!" This might happen! This thought made me shivered a little...I never want to share anything with strangers. I thought just put it on my bag is the best idea.
I opened the bottle cap, drank a little...put it back on my bag and started to eat chips. I finished Cheezels before the movie started. Then, I opened another pack of snacks...I didn't pay full attention to the movie as I was eating...later after I finished the snacks, I felt uncomfortable to my sticky thumb and index fingers.
I NEED to wash hands
But, I didn't want to miss any scenes..I had an idea, I could just dip my fingers into the water bottle and clean it using tissue papers. Gross, I know
I removed the bottle cap, dipped my index finger you can guess, the water flowed out. Call me idiot if you want, but I thought I drank water earlier and it should be fine for me to dip my finger in?! Just 1 finger
Now my bag was wet, I removed it from my laps and I swear something heavy ON my bag dropped on the floor. At the same time I realized my hands, my HANDS not only fingers were very oily, it's like some sort of cream mixed with water, which I have no idea what that was. It smelt weird, I don't think it's my snacks, the texture is different, totally different.
I put my VERY oily bottle on the floor, it was oily, too oily I couldn't put it on my laps anymore. I was glad there's a pack of tissue papers in my bag, after I wiped my hands, I turned on my mobile's light, tried to search what I dropped just now, nothing...nothing on the floor.
I felt weird...because I'm sure I didn't put anything ON my bag besides bottle water. I opened my bag, wallet, camera and keys were safe, what was that on the floor?! I have a very big question mark in my mind, what is the heavy thing dropped from my bag? What's the cream on the bottle water? Did anyone play prank?
I tried to focus on the movie, it's a great show I know, but I couldn't mind was full of questions, I checked the bottle again and again, maybe there's a clue? I saw some brown color thingy clinged on the bottle, I have no idea what that was...I turned on my mobile light for once again, looked left right front on the floor but nothing found. The lady on my left asked if I dropped anything and I said
"Yes..., actually I don't know"

I forced myself not to think too much and focus on the show, I could find it after the show ends. I didn't wish to interrupt anybody. About an hour later, the lady on my right asked if I saw her bottle water, I said no, I told her the bottle water on the floor was mine. She tried searching it, but found nothing.
The movie finally ended, I looked on the floor, still...nothing except another bottle water on the floor, I guess that belongs to the lady on my right just now. I took a good look at my own bottle water...yes, there's really some brown color sticky thing there.
If you think the heavy thing dropped on the floor is the bottle belongs to the lady on my right, then when did she put on my bag? How did she do it without me noticing? Why she wanted to do that? I don't think it's the bottle water, and my question is, what happened to my bottle water? What is that brown color thing? Why my hands are very oily suddenly? My bag is clear, not oily...just a bit wet.
How I hope Sherlock Holmes is here, tell me what he thinks.
And no, it's not a dream