Friday, December 11, 2009

Sugar's new room!

Sugar's 3rd crate
Sugar loves to jump, she could jump really high! That's the problem with the 1st crate, because every time she jumped her head touched/banged the top, so we got her a 2nd one. It's big enough, but the problem was Sugar started to love biting steel bar, some of the metal steel bar started to rust...and I was worried if it would affect her health in a long run. What's more? It's white color and it looked really dirty over time. Even detergent wouldn't help! :(
I asked my dad if it's possible to make a stainless steel crate for Sugar, my dad said yes without hesitation! :D At first I was kind of worried, because I wasn't sure if my dad "know" how to make a crate, but my dad's just brilliant! Just a little guidance with the sample crate, he able to made a really huge one, see!

With me standing next to it!

My eyes nearly dropped out when I first saw it!!! Even I could sleep in the crate. LOL!
Seriously it's considered a very very large crate for a tiny yorkie ;)
As I know, the market rate for this big size of stainless steel crate could shoot up to more than RM2k! Which I couldn't afford (my wallet has too many holes, my money drops out way too fast!), that's why I asked my dad to help -_-"

My baby Sugar :D

Give me back!! Give me back my old rusty white crate!

Nah, not a chance :P