Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Think twice before you get a pet

This is so true...promise you will watch these 2 videos until the end, these videos made me cry
# 1. Abondoned Dog Commercial

#2. Dog: Do you Find it Outrageous?

I've never considered buying pets from pet stores, as some of you may know, my first and second cats were both adopted by me, I found them on the street. Practically, they were stray cats...to be precise, they were stray kittens.

I always wanted adopt only stray cats or dogs, maybe get them from animal shelter. But as some of you may aware, Sugar is an "accident", I just felt so in love with her when I first saw her.
As I know, some of the pet stores get puppies from puppy mills, buying from them is kind of like supporting this act, which is unbearable... I have to make things clear that, I've never heard of puppy mill before I got Sugar in my life, and, I'm not supporting any of them. If you want to get a pet, make sure the petshops don't get their puppies from puppy mill, and best if you could find home breeders, you will get to see your puppy's parents, and most probably siblings too.

I made a call to the pet store I got Sugar, I asked about her MKA (Malaysian Kennel Association) certificate as they told me they will take 6 to 12 months to get the cert. I asked about Sugar too, they assured me they don't take puppies from puppy mills because of health and some other issues, and they got Sugar in home breeder which located in Penang Island. Actually I got Sugar's medical card from a vet clinic in Penang, Sugar's "real name" is something like Miyaki Jun Lee, I don't quite remember, need to check back the card. They told me in MKA cert, Sugar's family history is all written down. Including the breeder's name, I guess it's not too hard to trace back if I want to contact them.

Personally, I think (I THINK) puppies which has got no cert sold in pet stores are mainly from puppy mills, I wouldn't want to buy pets in pet stores, anymore. I think home breeder or animal shelter are the best place to get pets. Please think twice before you get a pet, you take care of their lives, stick with them although they grow old and maybe pee and poo everywhere in your house.
Don't abandon your pets!
Never kick stray dogs and cats, they are living creatures just like you and I!
Never buy from puppy mill, don't support them, please remember the parents of the cute puppy you got from puppy mill are breeding machines, how cruel!
Please pray for the animal corpse on the street, cats and dogs run everywhere, they don't read cars!
Choose home breeder over pet stores!
Thank you!