Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My honey muffin's Birthday!

Kevin is now "officially" 31 years old, Gosh I couldn't imagine I'm going out with an uncle...
...Ahem! Well okay I myself has turned to somebody's auntie years ago, you know, my niece Hue Ru always go "Ah Yi (auntie).... Ah Yi, Ah Yi..." in public, the whole world know I'm already someone's auntie, I guess they thought "this lady" (point at myself) with rug-like-clothes and thick glasses is over 30 years old :'(
Now even one of my besties Evon said I look like an auntie...huhuhuu... I don't wanna live

Hey! It's Kevin's birthday, let's talk about it! :D
Hmmm...the gift I prepared was Hidesign leather wallet, got it in Isetan KLCC. I bought a birthday card in Memoryland a day later.

I love the messages in the birthday card :)

Gift wrapped it

With the birthday boy :D

He looked so happy to get birthday present!

Reading the card... I wrote something, couldn't show you! :P

"Do you know what I bought you? Guess guess!" I was excited

"Hmm...a wallet?" DOINK!

"....what makes you think it's a wallet? Why you think it's a wallet?" ...disappointed, why he knew it?!

"Based on the size of this box?" Argghhhh! Impossible

"It could be something else.." I expected him to guess again

"Ooh..." He didn't want to join the game :(

...after a long pause, I gave up

"Okay, you can now open the box and see what's inside"

He opened the box, and took the wallet out

"Wow it's so beautiful and soft!" He looked happy, but he's not surprised it's really a wallet! How come?!

".....................................hey!!! Did I write the answer in your birthday card? Didn't I? I THINK I WROTE IT!!" ME stupid stupid stupid!


He said he wanna take a picture with "one eye closed"
Mmmm...look familiar, right?

It's my favourite pose, he copied me, hmmpf!! :P
Anyway that's Sony NWZ-E443 MP4

Yesterday we mentioned about Christmas present, so I told him I only need an MP3 for my workout, I don't need other things. He said
"Okay let's go to check in the shops"

"Don't buy it today, it's your birthday and I will know what I'll get on Christmas, give me a surprise laaaaaak" I was shocked

"No, we will buy it today" He smiled happily and insisted to buy my X'mas present on his birthday, that's very sweet of him. He decided I don't need an MP3, and he chose this Sony MP4. Hmmm he said I will need it :)
How sweet of him buying me gift on his birthday, hehee! ^^

We went to Dome after movie

Ordered a slice of Tiramisu, not nice :(

More pictures of us :)

Loves ^^

Twilight: New Moon wasn't disappointing..the story was OK, but woohoo~
Guess what, you will see bunch of sexy/hot guys in the show!
There was a scene in the movie when Jacob took off his shirt and the audiences in the cinema hall (not including me) go "uh ahhhhh..........", the rest of us laughed so hard hearing the responses from all the ladies in the hall!
And the final part when Edward said "would you marry me?" (sort of) all the ladies go "AHHHhhhh"
LOL! I wonder if they really wanted to marry Edward :P
Huh what?! You haven't watched it yet? Opps I'm sorry for telling you bits from the show! Hehee! :P
And not to mention the baby few rows in front of us kept crying as the werewolves and vampires appeared on the screen, it scared her! Funny parents for bringing their baby to the cinema! Hmmpf!

Happy Birthday Baby, I love you for life! ^^



Dr V said...

Happy birthday to V V's Honey Muffin!!!!! You're fortunate to have another year together, and moments like these seem too far and too few. So savor the moments...and be thankful to have such happiness to share with each other. there were guys in the new Twilight movie? I certainly didn't notice! All I could ask is where is all the eye candy for the guys who paid their hard-earned money to watch werewolves and vampires prancing around on the screen? Huh, what about us? hahaha I guess I'll just have to be satisfied looking at Mrs. Claus for one more year. haha

Great gift idea for Kevin. As a guy, I can say that we don't change our wallets until the bills are falling out of them. Not a good look! ^_* So use your good fortune in good health Kevin.

violetmay said...

Thank you for the comment!
Hey i suggest you to re-watch that Twilight, don't forget to get a handkerchief (for the saliva) for your girl when you watch together! :P