Monday, December 7, 2009

Citrey Wong & Macy Khoo's wedding!

Sunday, in Citrey's house :)
We didn't join the morning session, as Macy has got too many relatives and cousins wanting to play that Heng Dai's game! :P We went to Citrey's house in the afternoon instead
That's the car ^^

Very cute stuffed toys!

This is the little garden of Citrey's parents house :)

Hey! I saw snow white's house!
Are the 7 dwarfs inside?

Citrey and Macy!
They were praying, didn't get full front shot of them, too many people in the house, we decided to stay outside


Christine and I! :D

Us with Citrey and Macy (photos)! (Laugh)

Jeffrey and Sharon, Sharon's pregnant! :D
Congratz! 6 more months to go!

Christine and Alex

Garden salad... ......

......versus this...which one would you choose?

Finally, the beautiful bride is here! :D

That's Citrey ;)

After that, we went to Citrey and Macy's house, it's only 15 minutes drive from his parents' home. View from the balcony of their condo, the best view you can get...

Group pic :)

Congratulations to them!
Their wedding dinner would be today, Monday :)
Now I shall prepare for tonight's dinner ;)




CathJ said...

Very lovely couple...

Dr V said...

Congratulations Citrey Wong and Macy Khoo! Best regards to both your families, and the family that you two are making for yourselves.

Looks like the wedding coordinators are doing very well in V V's city. Very well! Soon there won't be a single soul left in the entire country. ^_^ But as long as they're happy families, then that's what the world needs now. Here's my secret theory to global warming. Too many bad couples arguing with each other, and that's what is warming up the planet. haha So we need more happy ones, and I hope these weddings are the start of something bigger. ^_^

Looks like a wonderful occasion for the happy bride and groom...and the family and friends who jointed them on their special day. Always enjoy your photos and commentary. Thanks for sharing.