Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kim Gary, again!?

I just realized I didn't post photos of me with Kevin for a long time, never mind the friends wedding ceremonies we attended, I mean, like previously, I often posted photos of our weekend activities. I shall start posting!
Had dinner in Kim Gary, recently (these 2 months) Kevin and I started to like this place, because they close at 12pm, so after workout we can have supper :D
...after workout -> supper?
That means calories burnt are restored, which means, you exercise first, and swallow calories later, haha... :S

Playing with table spoon, haha

Something's wrong with my shirt

It looked good..

Hey why it looked like poo?!

Eeee it's unfair!


Ooh well...actually it's my favourite, heee


It's just a boring entry, I have HK, Alor Setar and Malacca photos here, but too many I'm so lazy to organize it, need more timeeeee. Christmas is around the corner, should prepare present for my loved one :)
Did I tell you A Christmas Carol is a lovely story? Go watch it if you haven't :)



Dr V said...

I eat like a hippo after my workouts! Maybe that's the reason I look like a hippo...even though I workout 5 days per week. haha

Lots a fun photos of you and Kevin. Love the funny faces! When I take normal photos, people accuse me of making funny faces. So I go along with them...which is better than letting them know that's my usual face. haha

violetmay said...

Photos of you making faces please?

Hey I didn't know you workout 5 days per week...the max I can go is 3 times! Hehee!