Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthday celebration with my Darling

It was a Monday, as some of you may know I just got back from Segamat, Johor for my sister Eling's wedding the day before. I was actually exhausted and my brain wasn't functioning properly, like you saw in my previous post with Christine, I looked kind of worn out but she was all freshed! LOL
I have swollen eyes...okay not swollen but puffy eyes, I didn't have enough sleep and days were busy, even Christine noticed my puffy eyes! -_-"
Ah...one of the reasons.. right after I use make-up remover to remove the remaining mascara after soooo many hours, I felt my eyelids were burning hot, and I just threw my contact lens away, ignored the money to invest another pair.
Woke up the next day, tired, extremely tired, didn't have intention to bring another set of clothes (to change after work) for birthday celebration with Kevin after work, I usually prepare another outfits if we have plan after work. I was unsure if I wanna do birthday celebration the night itself, or do it this coming weekend. I was too tired...until Christine text-ed me, and made my day. You know, girls always have lots to Gossip, hahahaa ;)
Called Kevin after that, knew he was rushing to Klang and will come after that, he said he has plan for tonight. I doubted...if he really has plan, he always say he has plans but ended up "where do you wanna go?" "Which restaurant to dine-in" etc. HAHAHAHA! As I could predict, he asked the same question again, SIGH!
Reached The Curve, didn't know what to eat...I have strange appetite recently, I have a feeling that I would throw out everything I eat. DON'T THINK TOO MUCH, I'M NOT PREGNANT.
Told Kevin I wanted Thai foods, or anything spicy, so we went to Sutra
20, August 2009, we went there for our "dating" aniversary, yesterday we sat at the same table HAHAHA

The same table setting, HAHAHA

The same man HAHAHA

and the same woman in white HAHAHA

LOL! I don't know, but HAHAHA sounds hilarious and there's no other way to tell you I'm laughing at myself as I's typing. I didn't feel funny last night, but somehow I thought it was kind of funny now :P

Spicy beef noodles

Ulam fried rice

and this...fish fillet
It goes nice with a bowl of white rice but not fried rice or noodle -_-"

Thank you Darling for spending time with me, and for the present which you're going to give me, soon. Hahaha :P
Wanna know what he's giving give me?
I'll tell you next time :P



Dr V said...

The restaurant provided lots of romantic atmosphere for your birthday celebration with your "Darling." At the same time, they're using less electricity, and saving the planet from global warming. haha Seriously, that's the buzz here in America...everything a business can do to save money becomes good for the planet. ^_^

Food looks delicious as usual, but the menu will not be what you'll be thankful for in 50 years. Taking time from your busy lives to make each other a priority--these are the moments that build the wealth of treasured memories that only you both share. In the entire world of 6 billion people, only you two will have the memory of this birthday dinner together. Time is the best present anyone can give to another.

Happy birthday once again my friend!

violetmay said...

Strangely not all of the people enjoy dim-light dinner, they prefer "seeing" what they're eating... But actually I prefer to dine at home, you know...you can eat with your eyes closed :P