Saturday, January 16, 2010

HK - random

McD sells pork burgers in Hong Kong ;)
We tried it during out previous trip, the taste wasn't that's nice but plain boring, I still double cheese burger ;)
Anyway we ate McD for breakfast the xth day

Good thing, they have chocolate pie
Nothing like apple pie, it's oily, I don't like it but glad I tried

It WAS early in the morning...
see, we just woke up


After that, checked out from Bridal Tea House, and checked in to Stanford Hotel
Finally a ROOM, a proper room...still small but we were fine with that ;) at least it's bigger than previous room, comfortable and places to put our luggages!

A real queen size bed (king size would be better), not the fake one single size bed

and a REAL bathroom, I wouldn't bang my head when I shower

After 2 sleepless nights...

4-5 hours later, we woke up, decided to walk around...we could sleep for another few hours if we didn't do this

Stanford Hotel is near to Tung Choi street, (Lady Street)

Better than Sasa cos they sell cheaper and wide range of cosmetics ;)
(as if I make up a lot -_-" )


Sweet and sour chicken

my chicken rice

Took train to Central Station
Wanna guess where we're going next? :)


Next up, The Peak! :D