Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yang & Priscilla's wedding dinner

Priscilla is Kevin's cousin sister, but he didn't remember how she looks like (didn't even remember when was the last time they met! It has been so long), but anyway Priscilla's mum (Kevin's aunt) invited Kevin's parents and us to the wedding dinner :)
Venue: Grand Imperial Restaurant at Bangsar Shopping Complex, 19th December 09 (all expired photos)

Hmmm...I decided to wear something simple as it was nearly Christmas....HAHAHA isn't this a very lame excuse? Okay, I didn't know what to wear and I saw this white simple dress lying on bed and it's new and so... ;)
It's WHITE!!! Christmas should be WHITE

Grand Imperial

I knew I was under dressed, should have worn a nicer dress what the fuck... what happened to me that day?! This dress isn't that bad but I mean...hey it's a wedding dinner!! Whatever now, what happened happened :P

Embroided napkins

The table setting was so nice, so romantic!! band!!

The gentlemen sing Chinese songssss!
Songs, not a song!

Kevin's parents :)

Priscilla's mum

Kevin's dad and his uncle

Dennis, Kevin's cousin brother was there too :)

and us :D

Her bf is handsome, his gf is more pic! :P

The bride and groom


This is not edible
Creation of a little girl next table

"Yam Seng"

I love this pic!

"Yam Seng" table by table

Priscilla and I

The singer!!
She's very tall ;)

Wishing Priscilla and Yang a happy married life :))))

Random pic after the wedding dinner
Christmas is was coming

Giant dressing table



I prefer the 1st one..
But why I still post the 2nd one?
..I like the 2nd one too -__-"

I don't remember the last time I wear WHITE casual dress since I cut my hair
WHite is for long hair

No winter in Malaysia?
Never mind, we have tinsel Christmas trees

Christmas...a wonderful season

More photos of me...

Hope you enjoy this long photo post :)




CathJ said...

YOu look great what.... :)

violetmay said...

But most of the ladies wore evening dresses that night :(

Dr V said...

First of all, congratulations to Priscilla and Yang! You look like a well-matched couple, and I wish you many happy years, and a big family to share them with.

Now that I've said that, I'm sure that Kevin's parents were really looking at V V, and wondering when their son is going to be the star of his own wedding. I know they're well aware that Kevin has been ready to marry V V since the first meeting, but for some reason, V V just keeps making poor Kevin wait and wait. haha Just kidding. I think it's great you could attend weddings with the future family. ^_^

As for the Winter in Malaysia, well I'll be happy to trade places with you. If you so badly want to roll around in the frozen snow, I have a lot of snow right outside that you can play in. It's been below freezing temperature for so many days that I can't even count them anymore. What I wouldn't do for a 40 degree day. I have 2 kidneys...why not give one of those? hahaha

Thanks again for sharing the great family photos, and the special moments for Priscilla and Yang.