Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sugar is back! ^^

Should have made this entry on Sunday itself, but it was my birthday on Monday and I have lots of things to do like laundry bla bla blaa and so I forgot!
I didn't say I forgot to bring Sugar home, I mean I forgot to show you the "funny" pictures/behaviour of Sugar in car when we were on the way home :P

During the Segamat Johor trip, I called the person in charge of Sugar's case Joanne numerous time...AHEM, actually there was no person in charge of any particular pets in the store, I mean, I handed Sugar to Joanne so I just assumed she's taking care of Sugar's sleeping area, playing time and foods. But to my surprise she really took extra care of Sugar! :D

She's such a sweet girl, answered every questions I asked (LOL I must be a some sort of "over-worrying" customer in their eyes). She told me Sugar was doing great, she adapted the place well and every time anyone passed by or approached her crate, she would grab her toy to greet them! Therefore Joanne put her in a showroom instead, where Sugar would have more space to run and jump (much more better than crate!). Joanne also told me there were lots of their customers who brought their pets for grooming amazed how adorable Sugar is, some of them even sat on the floor and played with Sugar! I felt happy, least Sugar wasn't afraid of the new environment :)

During the 2 and a half days, my mind was full of Sugar day and night...when the clock striked 10am, I imagined her eating "Addiction" kibbles, 1030am, she must be jumping, walking playing...11am...wondered what she was doing in the showroom, I have to do other things to urge myself from picking phone and start calling Joanne again and again!

Sunday, reached KL around 8pm, we went to the petshop, I wanted to take a look at Sugar before dinner. Joanne handed Sugar to me, I called "Sugar Sugar" but she ignored me! I tried to hug her but she didn't want me to carry her, just like she didn't want anyone (except me) to carry her, she's now doing this to me! I was disappointed, at the same time I felt kind of weird because she didn't look me in the eyes and she looked frightened...alright, maybe she didn't aware I was there because she didn't expect me to be there after 2 nights? I'm not sure...maybe it's just like you didn't expect you will see the man again and suddenly he just stand in front of you and you are blinded and didn't "see" him?

Anyway I decided to just leave her alone for a while, after dinner I went back to the petshop again. This time, Sugar was prepared, maybe after I left she "realized" it was me in front of her earlier. This time, she jumped to me, I felt content having her in my arms again, she shivered a little, I could felt her heartbeat...she was nervous and scared, I knew. Just like every time I brought her back from groomers or anybody, she trembled. She trust no one but me, she never liked anyone to hold her.

This time she looked at me, in the eyes...and she licked my lips, as usual. I knew she "recognized" me and felt safe in my arms. Poor Sugar...she must thought I didn't want her anymore :P

I asked them (Joanne and her team) if Sugar barked at anyone these few days, they said Sugar never bark, a very good girl! Then I told them whenever I bring Sugar out, she would bark at people, a very naughty girl. Right after I said this..

"WOOF WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF!!!" Sugar barked at them!!!
Very agressive and protective as usual...she barked at everyone in the shop -_-"
"No bark" didn't work, Sugar barked non-stop, as if she wanted to make a huge complain to me. Everyone was shocked and told me it's the 1st time they heard her bark. Well...I'm Sugar's momma, I knew better..Sugar would never bark when I'm not around. She only has the guts when she's in my arms...just like toddlers, only will cry in front of their mothers! :P
In car

Momma...what took you so long to bring me home?

She felt safe in my arms, and guess what she just slept like the photo shown!
I guess she missed me too much and didn't sleep well for the past 2 nights?

Muackssssssssss kiss
Love you!



Dr V said...

So you do realize that Sugar is a little tyrannt when she's with V V. haha

I'm happy that your guardian angel is comfortbly back at home, where she can continue protecting V V from harm. ^_^

It's good to have Sugar stay at places like the petshop where they take such great care of her. To make it routine for her, I recommend not making a big deal out of dropping-off or picking Sugar up. You want her to have confidence that she's not abandoned. So don't give her nervous energy when you leave her, or excited energy when you return for her. Sugar will learn from your example. Just advice that has worked for lots of people like me who travel a lot.

violetmay said...

Hmmm...I don't see her as a dog, I only imagine putting my child to a daycare center for 2 nights, she could be very scared! Maybe I thought too much but my family and I seldom go on trip together, so when I'm away my mum would able to take care of Sugar :D