Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shopping spree!

Went to Bangkok with my BFF (Best Friends Forever LOL) Hwei Chen for the weekend, it shouldn't be a shopping trip but...oh well, it 'was' indeed a shopping trip if you know we went there 4 days but we shop for 3 and a half days...and still didn't shop enough -_-"
We didn't have enough time!!!
There are so many things we haven't, shoes belts clothes dresses accessories and WIG, how could I miss buying wig that I long for months?! At least, I should have step in the store and try a few fashionable wigs, but we have yet to step in any store selling that, because we have been really busy bargaining/buying/paying...
Platinum fashion mall is LOVE
I brought lots of memory sticks, but we didnt' take too much photos, because as I said we spent most of the time shopping, shop till till our legs cramp
We did went to Grand Palace, but no other tourist spots know..hahaha :P