Friday, January 22, 2010

Good friends will never fight over a doughnut!

Alright...a good friend will never fight over a man, what about...a donut?
AHEM, a donut
which is fat and dumb, has a big hole in between
Who will fight for donuts anyway?
It's merely a deep fried flour dough! Not worth a penny...
Hmm...not even a Krispy Kreme donuts? Yes?

You are wrong!
Doughnuts are sweet and cute, the hole in between is too cute to melt a snow mountain...okay, I think I sound so wrong, ahem no hole in between :P
Ring Donuts! Sound better?
Ah...and the filled donuts! Love when it's injected with chocolate!!!
Slurppppp I miss Dunkin' Donuts' chocolate kreme filled donut :D

To be true, I'm not a big fan of doughnuts, 1 or 2 donuts every month is OK, but if you deliver donuts to my house everyday I will puke in front of you! Beside Dunkin' Donuts, I've tried Big Apple and J & Co doughnuts. So which tastes better?
I errrrrrrrrrrrrr...I couldn't differentiate between Dunkin' and Big Apple Donuts! I think all doughnuts are the same, the only way to differentiate them is by the varieties. So far, Big Apple is on top of my list, they have too many flavours and I just love them all ;)
Hang out with Lina last Saturday, Krispy Kreme is newly opened in Midvalley...I know I know I know a lot of people have tried/love Krispy Kreme, and I even posed in front of Krispy Kreme counter 3 years ago in Bali! But I didn't buy any because it was closed :'(
Shame on me!

Anyway Lina wanted to try those ;)

Origina Glazed
I don't quite remember who told me must try the original glazed donuts, I seriously don't remember. But I let Lina choose the flavours, I only said "I love chocolates", and she "Yes I love chocolates too"

But the problem is, it was already 430pm and our dinner was set at 530pm.
We could only choose 2 donuts from the shelf

Hahahaha, the beautiful Lina chose this 2, no original glazed! :P
Maybe next time

I kept typing doughnuts and donuts, whatever :S
...donuts...the precious 2 donuts
Just 2?
The greed approaching us slowly...

We were 2 best friends

Slurp... Lina didn't see me
The greed in me took over my mind, I wanted to swallow these 2 all by myself!

ah she did!

She said
"We must camwhore together! You can't grab all the attention yourself hmmpf!"

I decided I couldn't wait any longer, the donuts were begging me to make them mine!!

"No it's mine!!!" Lina screamed and grabbed over my donut

"Noooooo I'm going to kill you!!"

and the war started!
Arggghhh!! The winner gets them all!

Therefore we fought for 3 minutes and 3 seconds...
Hahaha :P
What's wonderful in life?
Aiks why don't we just share the donuts LAH!

It was so soft, so delicious!

1 minute and 1 second later..

Fine, the donuts were good, but I still think all donuts are the same. Hmmm maybe not until I try the Original Glazed? Hehee!
Lina and I are best friends, this is the truth and we will never fight for anything like man, dresses, cosmetics, or anything but doughnuts...mmm that's hard to tell. LOL!



CathJ said...

dang... I am looking for donut tomorrow... hahahahhaha

violetmay said...

Don't fight with your son ya, hahaha :P