Friday, January 15, 2010

HK fast food

Eat Together 大家食
We saw it everywhere, so I assume it's their fast food chain? Hmmm...
We didn't go far after Ocean Park, because of Typhoon...remember? Typhoon 3 -_-"
Most of the shops were closed, not much people on street as it was really windy and it rained a little...cold!
We has dinner in Eat Together

The dishes were simple but nice...inexpensive too! :)

HAHA look at Kevin :P

Nightlife in HK...only 1 pic -_-"
Typhoon 3...can't imagine right? The weather was unpredictable, rained this second and the it stopped few minutes later. Repeat again and again.

Went to Seibu Department Store!
It's a very beautiful mall...the elevators are impressive

See it yourself


We didn't spend long there, was exhausted after hours in Ocean Park, and we were sick of the unpredictable weather! Back to our room...
It was 09.09.09 the day before, a special day to remember.
We went to LukFook 六福
I bought a ring for my sister Eling, for her wedding :)

a pair of earrings for my mum, for her birthday

and Kevin got this bracelet for me! :D

He chose it...nice huh? :)

Next up...we'll see ;)

p/s: I'm running out of Title, you can see this post is not really about "Fast Food"...aiiiii whatever ;)



Dr V said...

Love your beautiful castle V V! I wouldn't want to be a guest there, and have to take a shower...but I guess it's fine for you, right? hahaha

That's a very beautiful present you got from Kevin! He's making all us guys look good. So tell him we're all proud because of him. Keep up the great work!

violetmay said...

He's a wonderful guy ;)))