Monday, January 11, 2010

It's my Birthday!!

26 this year, yayyyyy so happy!!!!
No, I'm not happy
I think maybe some years later I will just stop telling people my actual age, so you guys better start remembering this post, 2010, I'm 26...don't ask how old I am 4 years later! You won't get the answer!!!

Many relatives and friends of mine left a "Happy Birthday" note to my FB Wall, and I received a lot of texts wishing me a happy birthday, thank you very much!!! :D
Except for 1...
Got a text from Christine my BEST FRIEND, asking me if I'm free for lunch...obviously she forgot my birthday, so I called her

"Hello?" she answer the call

"Say "Happy birthday to you", quick!" the thick-face/shameless me jumped straight to the point

"OMG!!! I forgot I'm so sorry...huhuhuuu" :'((( she really forgot! And she was guilty about it, it's the 1st year she forgot my birthday, usually she texts me on time ;)
In fact I wasn't angry with her, she has been busy with her work and stuff like that, and she will never want to forget my birthday ;)
Anyway I got to meet her for lunch today. YAY!!!! :D
Went to Pastry Chef
She looked so good with her new hairdo!
Love it :P

Foods we ordered

She even got me a mini cake!!
Has got a Pikachu on top HAHAHA so cute!
I have a Pikachu Tamagochi, used to bring it to school and tuition classes after school :)
Now they have Pikachu Tamagochi 2!!!

Lighting up the candle :)

Don't be afraid, Pikachu! :P

Singing a birthday song to me, LOL! :P

Making wish


Thank you baby! I really appreciate everything you prepared! She actually brought a CD album, thought the Cafe might help to play one of the songs in the album, it's OUR song, "That's why" by Michael Learns to Rock :)

I have got a present, a Pikachu!

Not edible :P

Happy birthday to me!!! :)))))



proteusguy said...

I'd pay to see you two in your own TV show. :-) haha

Happy Birthday Violet!

Unknown said...

A very happy birthday, lovely Violet! :)

Mike said...

Happy Birthday, dear violet, Happy Birthday to you!!!

.... and many moooorrrreeee!!!!!

May this year be better than the last, and the next year better than that, and so on, and so on...

violetmay said...

Make sure you pay after the show, hehee! :P

Scene 8
Thank youuuuuuu!

Yes yes, every year is better than "last year", thanks Mike! ^^

Dr V said...

Everyone knows how to get to V V. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Strangely that seems to work with V V too! haha

Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration Violet! They say my birthday is tomorrow, but when you get to my age...that's just speculation. ;p

Happy birthday dear friend!

violetmay said... your birthday is really today? Happy birthday Dr V! :D