Sunday, January 31, 2010

Off to Bangkok! Day 1

Our flight was scheduled at 1040am, we have little time after checked in, had our breakfast in Chocolate Lounge, surprisingly they have an outlet there
Hwei Chen, my best friend, also my travel buddy!

People surprised we planned this trip to Bangkok without men, it's not we couldn't live without men, I mean...just 2 girls, going to a foreign land, mmmmm they said we are adventurous. LOL! Actually I have a friend in Bangkok, unfortunately we didn't meet because arggghhhhhhhhh, don't mention that! -_-"


That's the plane
We LOVE Airasia, more cheap/free tickets please, we're more than willing to go to Bangkok for shopping! :P

We stayed in First House Hotel, recommended by Hwei Chen's boyfriend and her other friends who stayed there before, it's very near to Platinum Fashion Mall, 5-10 minutes walking distance! :D

The hotel lobby was good, but the room was smelly...but, it's alright, guess we're too "cincai", we booked the room via, which only costs us 810 baht per night!!! If walk-in would be 1900baht, woohoo~ save lots!

Us 2 :)
It's our 1st trip together


Upset cos the money wouldn't "last long", we're going to spend it all!

First thing first, we bought a prepaid card, now you know our number (which no longer in use) :P

I like that bike, everything in Bangkok is colourful :D


Walking to skytrain

We bought this...salty mineral water

The nearest station to our hotel, not that near. Took us 20 minutes

First station, Chatuchak!
Mo Chit station

My 2nd time to Chatuchak.
I miss it so much, I missed everything there, I didn't buy enough clothes the 1st time I went to BKK

Tiny cream puff as lunch
Hey did I tell you Christine's biggest interest is err...foods? Hahaha

We spent a lot of money in one of the shops, this was the girl who gave us good discount! I must find her the next time I go there, hmmm more discount please? Hehee

We walked non stop for hours, really...didn't snap any more pictures because we're busy buying/choosing/bargaining! We shopped till we dropped! Exhausted, must eat something to carry on

Hahhaa, Christine was too tired to pose

After dinner

Still hungry..not me, it was Christine okay? She kept making me eat more and more :'(((
Diet plan failed!

But this satay was good..slurrppp

Ice cream potong!

Still wanna eat?!
I tell you a secret.. Christine is slim but she could swallow a cow when she's hungry, if she's not hungry errrrrr she could swallow a goat? :P

Yay! See, she agreed :P

Papaya salad with shrimps

Minced pork

Fried chicken!!!

It was superrrrrlicious!!
Go try yourself ;)

Leaving Chatuchak

Wanted to go to Suan Lum night bazaar but all people said it's not safe there
People who said this are, students, skytrain security guard, passerby, or basically everyone we asked, we decided to take the advice, go to Silom Street instead!

We bought these!
Only 100baht

and I bought 3 very nice necklaces from this lady, I think she likes me :P
Hey no jokes she asked me to show this picture to her next time I go to BKK! ^^

yes...supper because Christine was hungry again.

As a best friend, I should eat with her :P
(another lame excuse)

That's all for Day 1 ;)



BabyDevil said...

was glad to see this post because im going in August! so put more tips in your upcoming posts yeah =D
btw, when was this trip?

violetmay said...

It was last week, 23-26 Jan :)
I hope my upcoming post helps you, errr I doubt as it was a shopping trip hehehee :P

CathJ said...

Thats great.. I always wanted to go travel with my gfren too.. ^_^

violetmay said...'s different to travel with girl friends, really different! Like, you have to carry heavy luggages all by yourself, no bf or hubby to help. LOL! :P