Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What should I do, Sugar?!

Sugar, ah...Honey Honey
I'm going to Johor this weekend for Eling's wedding. Dad suggested not to bring Sugar together as Sugar is a Velcro furbaby, would love to stick with me for 24 hours if I allow -_-"
I went to this Animal Hotel in Damansara...checked the price, it's RM38 per night, but I don't like the environment...
Sigh, where to find someone trustworthy and know how to take care of my furbaby?
Any volunteers? :(
Some photos of her, by the way, she is 11 months old today :)

"Huh momma? Are you going to dumn me?"
"Not in a million years!"

It's Sugar! :D

Sigh, how I wish I could bring her to Johor together...



Dr V said...

Pooooooor poor Sugar! See how Sugr gets called names like "Furbaby" just because V V didn't give birth to her. I'm sure that when Sugar, aka Furbaby, is in the animal hotel, she'll be telling all the other "guests" that she feels like she's a second-class daughter. hahaha Just kidding. I'm sure that you'll get used to leaving your most precious baby in the hands of professionals who know how to give excellent care to her. No rush finding just 1 place to leave Sugar. In fact, you can continue looking for the best fit, and when you do find one that you're really happy with, then you can form a solid long-term relationship with them. You and Kevin travel often, and this will be routine for Sugar once you have a great place to leave her.

P.S.: Happy 11 months for Sugar! ^_^

violetmay said...

Actually my mum will look after Sugar if Kevin and I travel, but this time was different because our whole family need to go to Johor, no one at home to take care of her, that's why I have to find a place for Sugar for 2 nights... :(