Saturday, January 2, 2010


In Hong Kong Ocean Park, it's a marine themed amusement park. Kevin and I don't usually go to amusement park, just not into it. So, it was the 1st time of us going to amusement park together! click to read Part 1
50 photos


Crawl like an alligator

Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat

Firefox, red panda

It is so cute!!

Too cute! I wanted to bite him into pieces :P

I wanted to swallow him alive!!! MAke him mine

Nom nommm

I want a red panda :'(((

We were so close yet so far

But their shit was stinky.. :P

Now, going to see pandas

What makes a panda a panda?
Hmmm ok, actually I only "OK" with giant pandas, I think firefox is cuter and more huggable

Never forget to listen to some of the giant panda recordings their rangers have made in the field

Where is the panda where is the panda?

It's snack time :)

It's very cute of the panda, sitting still for foods

My wife ran away with a man, huhuuu

Okay, have to confess giant pandas are cute too -_-"

Baby and I

I don't like parrot...they don't keep secrets hmmmpf!

Random pics

That's all for today :)



CathJ said...

wowwww.... cute animals...!! ^_^

Dr V said...

Poor Firefox and the other red pandas. Maybe they need the protective shelter to keep the guests from eating them up, and biting them into pieces. No wonder they were so scared that they pooped on themselves. So embarrassing!!!! haha I always thought the red pandas are so cute too, and have great personalities.

We're losing 1 of our 3 giant pandas to go to China. He was the first giant panda born in our zoo, and now that he's older they're taking him from us. :(

violetmay said...

Yeah, they are cute! :D

Dr V
That's sad to hear that....we don't even have a panda in Malaysia!!! But if we do I think we have to keep them "refrigerated" :P