Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ocean Park - End

70 pics
We thought we're going to take millions photos in the Ocean Park, but God has "mercy"...I almost fainted when I saw "Typhoon signal No. 3 is now hoisted, All mechanical rides are suspended".
Phuck this shit!
Okay, now I shall post photos before Typoon signal No. 3 was hoisted.
Saw a news reporter there, guess she's doing "Live", reporting weather or something like that

Eating bread, someone (I forgot who) told us foods in Ocean Park sucks and expensive, we should bring our own foods.

We have 2 options to go to the other side of Ocean Park, either by cable car or Ocean Express (train). We chose train because it's newly added and we could still get on the cable car later!

Na, read it yourself, sounds interesting right?

Wow seeee

The train is cool right?

Me in the train
seriously I thought the train will go through underwater tunnel or something like that... Maybe my expectation was too high..

...LCD screen -_-"
no real jellyfish
..we watched TV in the train :S

Never mind, we still have cable car ride!

It took us about erm 3 minutes


See Jumbo Floating Restaurant?

Ocean Park Tower, it's going to be our 1st ride in Ocean Park :)


........what's the worker doing?!

Typhoon 3?!

Now I know the worker was tying the metal board for safety purposes, that's me...very disappointed. No more rides!

We just walked around..

Part of Ocean dolphin show :(
I hated Typhoon

No rides :'(((
...and no cable car!! :'(((((((((((((((

Only workers everywhere, tying rubbish bins and all that :'(((((((((((

Random pics

Giant seal aquarium without seals

Only glow-in-the-dark seals

Every Monday is No Straw Day

Souvenir shop

Aiya why I closed my eyes jek?

Found this man made lake near the exit

Bye Ocean Park

In bus, going back to Hotel
It was a waste of money and TIME

Typhoon 3...
thinking what to do at night


That's all for Ocean Park, sorry it's lousily written and sorry for the lousy photos.
It was windy, a lot of photos are lousy, either my face was covered by hair, my skirt was half lifted (LOL), my eyes closed etc... I took lots of time to select the "good" one.
My advice, don't go to Ocean Park during Typhoon season!



Dr V said...

Only the brave people go to Ocean Park with the threat of a typhoon. And the REALLY brave ones ride on the mechanical rides in Typhoon signal 3 conditions. Sure, the food at Ocean Park was expensive and the rides were closed, and even the news had a reporter there telling people to stay at home if they're smart...but at least you had the entire park to yourselves when you went there. Shouldn't that count for something? ;P Seriously, that's how it goes sometimes. Any park you would have traveled to would have given you the same result...without the spectacular views you enjoyed. AND, at least you met a lot of new furry friends at the shops. ^_*

Mike said...

Happy New Year, Miss Voon!!

A great collection of pictures, some of the best I've seen of you and Kevin - such a cute couple. But the one of you disappointed in front of the ride... heartbreaking!

Maybe you should try going someplace with less typhoons? California has some nice parks, and some very nice aquariums, too!

violetmay said...

Dr V
Apparently we are the brave one, but unfortunately the workers were not brave enough to let us in :P

Happy New Year Mike!
I want to go to California!! But need to check my pocket first :P