Friday, January 29, 2010

Wong Tai Sin Temple 黄大仙

Before we go to the famous Wong Tai Sin Temple 黄大仙,

Mine, very fattening...
I don't quite like oily foods in the morning -_-"

Wonton Noodles!!

Told you, Kevin's addicted to the Wonton noodles, he didn't want to try something else

After breakfast, we walked to the nearest MTR station

One of the many schools in HK

Wong Tai Sin station
Errr...I forgot how long we took to go there

Who's that girl?

There were bunch of old ladies selling joss stick and joss papers in front of the MTR station, price was ridiculously high...but I bought some of them because they said
"It's for me to buy foods"
Well, at least they were honest, but if I were to given another chance, I would get 1, not few, expensive ya know! and basically we couldn't bring the joss papers to the temple, so I don't know what's the use of buying those. Hahaha :P
By the way joss sticks are available in the temple, just make donations and you'll get it

Very hot!
I mean the weather :P

My Kevin Koo

Guess what, the temple was under construction...

most areas were closed

Random pics

Wong Tai Sin temple was our last stop in HK before Shenzhen, we stayed in Shenzhen for 2 nights before going back to more HK posts, temporarily :P



CathJ said...

Nice photos.. love the stick photo.. ^_^