Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bangkok, random

After Grand Palace, we took cab to hotel. The driver was friendly and talkative (he speaks good English) ;)
The taxi fare was only 79baht, reached hotel earlier than expected, everything seems right... put some stuff, we got out and this was the time Christine realised her mobile device was left in the taxi! We made several calls with the help of a doorman, Sa Ngop (something like that) was very kind... Christine and I were upset, there was nothing we could do because we didn't remember the plate number and the driver's name. This sucks balls... :'(

Christine made up her mind, didn't want to think about her mobile as there was really nothing we could do, it was our final night in Bangkok, we wanted to make it full.
Didn't eat anything after breakfast, we passed by this stall, they sell "Crape" hahaha :P

All sort of dressings

My poor babe.. :(

" kelian, okay la I buy you "crape" la"
See, foods can really buy her heart heheee!! :P

Platinum mall closes at 8pm, we reached there at 7pm, didn't have much time to shop!!! We stopped by one of the boutique, which sells branded clothing (factory rejected goods la)..and we got to know this girl! Named Pat

We stayed in the shop until 9pm!!! That was very kind of her, she stayed back...she could ask us off and go home earlier :)

After we made payment, she closed the boutique and brought us to Central World to buy Naraya bags!

Guess what, she bought 2 small cases for Christine and I...very kind of her!! :D

Went to Swensen's after that

Even the waitress was cute ;)


Yum yumm




Why Swensen's Thailand is cheaper than Malaysia? :'(((

and we had dinner in some stalls

Salted fish

Yum yum

Tom yam

Pat was on diet...but Christine and I managed to make her eat with us

We thanked Pat again and again, to be frank that was very sweet of her to show us around, remember? We were 2 troublesome customers! ;)

Busy packing...since it was final night
Christine bought more because of me, I bought less because of Christine..
Didn't get what I mean?
Okay...when I saw something nice
"Wowwww so nice!!! I wanna buy this this this and this!!!"

"No...this and this are not nice, buy this and this ya!"

When she saw something nice and hesitate which one to buy

"Errr which one is better?"

"Buy buy buy, all nice!"

That's why...hahaha!
I'm an evil (bad influence), she said :P

My stuff..I'm a magician, I managed to pack all these into my luggage :P

Presents for Kevin...

Nah, not really...LOL!!!!!!

That's all for tonight, bye all!