Thursday, April 10, 2008

Questionnaires, thesis

I met Mr Kumar yesterday, showed him the draft of the questionnaire that I prepared. I almost completed Chapter 1, 2 and 3, only need to work on my chapter 4 and 5.
Wow, I thought I would take at least 2 weeks for a chapter, who knows...3 weeks 2 chapters, I'm pretty fast and "efficient" at doing my work huh? I've never thought of that :P

To be frank, I don't really have much time, remember?
I need to submit it by 15 of May...

Chapter 4 is the analysis of the questionaires and chapter 5 would be the conclusions and recommendations. Mr Kumar said the questionnaires that I've prepared are okay, but he wanted me to add more questions on each section...add at least another 10 more questions. (-_-")

10 more questions?
Not easy at all... :(

If questions such as

"What is your surname?"
"What is your last name?"
"What is your nick name?"
"What is your nanny name?"
"What is your dog's name?"
"What is your cat's name?"
"What is your teddy bear's name?"
"What is the name of the lizard on the wall of your living room?"
"What is the name of the ant in your balcony?"
"What is the name of the monkey in the zoo...?"

I promise I can come out with a thousand of questions like that, but 10 more questions on my thesis? Sigh...I won't forget I need to do analysis after collecting the questionnaires.

Wait...I just remember something
I need to find at least 100 people to do the questionnaires.

Good GOD!
Do I need to prepare sweets or chocolates for the people who helps me to do the questionnaires? Or pen is better...? Eraser? Sharpener? Beg them to fill up...and promise will treat them sweets after that...
But I'm afraid my "audiences" are not kids.
They don't need sharpeners, erasers, pencil and sweets.

Sorry sorry,
I forgot to tell, the survey will be conducted in a local hotel.

And what's more?
I won't be doing it in a 5 star hotel, because 3-4 star hotels are believed to have more problems to write...ooh no I mean, more...more......ermmm, well, just more to write :P
Hahaha :')
But one thing is for sure la, I won't conduct it in a motel.
Not I look down on people who stays in motel, but
Do you know why...?

First, I need Malaysians to do this survey
And, I think most of the Malaysians (single an lonely, ahem..) who choose to stay in motel are..looking for "special service". Other than that, people who stay in motels are mainly backpackers (foreigners), as I mentioned, I need Malaysians to do this survey ;)

Besides, I don't think they are willing to spend time to do the questionnaires.
Imagine, when I interview guest A in a motel lobby, let's say the motel is located in Jonker Street.
Can I ask "Are you a regular guest of this motel?"


"How do you find the service of this motel?"

"Good, gooood!
...The girls are all beau-ti-ful and h-o-t...with big b**bs and big b*tts" guest A murmuring

"Where do you live?"

"I live near Jonker Street..."

All of a sudden, a lady with a giant saw came in
"HEY!!!! Ah Beng, what are you doing here? I thought you are in outstation with your boss? You lied at me!!! I'm going to chop you into pieces!!!" Apparently, she is Guest A's wife.

"Who are you?! You must be working here, aren't you?!" She opens her eyes widely and stares at me.

"No...I'm not......" I'm so scared

"You must be a wh*re! Ah Lian, where is my scissors? I wanna cut your hair! You bitch!"


Muahahahahaha :'P
I think too much

Anyway, I must find 100 people to do the questionnaires, I give myself 2 weeks.
Yo people, wish me luck! ^^


Mike said...

Good Luck!

And I'd trust your instincts.... stay away from the motels...

violetmay said...

Hahaha, I think you wouldn't want to see violet with short hair :P