Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weirdos in the ladies' room

Yesterday, I went to gym with Kevin, we have trial passes for a week. In fact, we decided to sign up their 2-year program.

I remembered I went to one of the well-known fitness center in KL few months ago, I didn't like the center even though the fitness equipments are complete, because there was a day, in the afternoon, something has happened in the Ladies room.

Right after I showered and put my clothes on, I walked out to the locker area, then, I saw 5 guys (wearing the fitness center's uniform) in the Ladies' room. They were sitting there and chit chatting..

My mind was totally blank, thinking
"Isn't this a Ladies' room? Or I'm so wrong??
Why there are guys in the room?!"

I felt very very uncomfortable, but I thought maybe guys are allowed in the locker area, but isn't this ridiculous? Because it is ladies' room, right?

"It's okay...maybe I'm too narrow-minded" I tried to console myself, at the same time I was so grateful and thankful that I wasn't naked.

Then, I saw a lady hiding in the corner of the room, apparently she was very upset and frustrated, staring at the guys. Guess what, she just showered and only have a towel on. I felt her pain. It was really offensive!

I was really silly, I really thought guys are allowed in the ladies' room (locker area), so I didn't make any complain. That night, I called Kevin and asked (he was with this particular fitness center for some time). He was surprised. Now, I know ladies' room means ladies' room, no exemption.

I didn't complain to the management, but anyway, I only joined for a month, and I didn't think I will go back there anymore or sign their program. I SHOULD HAVE MADE a complaint letter!

I swore that I won't just wrap myself with a towel and step out of the shower room, NEVER NEVER. Few months after that incident, I forgot what I swore

Back to the story, yesterday after work-out, I brought my clothes together to the shower room, I discovered there was no hanger and no space to put my underwear and clothes. I thought it's OK,

"Common it's ladies' room, that kind of incident will not be happened in this center (hopefully)." Basically I was trying to persuade myself that it's OK if I just bring a towel.

The shower rooms are just next to the locker area, I only wrapped myself with a towel.

"Are my eyes OK?"
One guy was standing in front of me, next to the showering area.
There was a girl standing next to him, fixing the locker.
What the F*CK?!

I stared at him angrily, he was aware that he SHOULDN'T be in the room, immediately, he turned away and ran out.

ENOUGH, I swore I'm going to make a very BIG complain to the management, how can they allow males to get in the room? B*STARD. Are the staff all BLIND and didn't see people with COCKS went in the room?!

I took my bra panties and everything to the shower room, only FOOLS will take off their towels and go naked in the locker area!

After I took everything and turned back to the shower room, guess what, I saw the guy just now, and this time, a male staff was with him. Fine, I bet the locker's lock was spoilt.

I didn't utter a word,
Come on, even if I wanna make a complain, I must make sure I'm wearing something on...ahem, I mean clothes, not towels.

In the shower room, I started to ask myself
"Are you really okay? You were half-naked...
Do you want to make a big deal out of it?

If the girl's locker is spoilt, they should call in a female staff to cut the hasp right?
And the girl's boyfriend should wait outside, not together with them..."

I decided to talk to Kevin

I went out of the ladies' room, Kevin wasn't there yet. I saw the male staff who was in the room just now. He looked at me, I didn't smile, I was not wearing emotions on my face.

"I'm very very sorry, I'm very sorry..." He started to beg for my forgiveness

"Are guys allowed in the ladies' room?" I asked him, Kevin was too slow, I couldn't wait any longer

" guys are allowed in the ladies' room, even me (referred to staff) also not allowed to get in the room...I'm very sorry..." Fears in his eyes, he was really worried.

"I see..."

"Please don't complain me...please don't make a complain...
Actually I asked the lady before I got in, she said nobody is in the ladies' room, I've asked her twice. I'm so sorry I didn't know you were there"

Now I felt that was serious, he would lose his job if I make a complain.

I'm soft-hearted, that was bad, I could just ignored him, but I thought to give him a second chance. Anyway my mood of joining fitness center has swung way, so farrrr away.

In car, I told Kevin about everything including my disappointment, Kevin suggested to make a complain. I told him I promised the staff that I won't complain about him. However, I will still complain to the management, and hope they will look into this problem seriously, I'm not going to mention the name of the staff, that was what I promised.

Sigh...I really like their fitness program, I will give myself a second try.


Mike said...


I'd definitely complain to the gym. But I would complain about their policies and procedures, not about the individual. The gym should require a female employee sweep through the locker room and make sure it is empty before the guy can go in, and she should remain at the door of the room to prevent any entering woman from being surprised. If a male is working inside the locker room, and a female customer needs to enter it, the female "guard" should alert the worker, and confirm that he has left before allowing the customer to enter.
As for the five guys in the locker room. They should be fired.
Still, scary. Take care of yourself, Violet!

violetmay said...

Hi Mike, you are right! I think that is the proper procedure :)

There was one thing that I don't understand, there was a female cleaner in the room, but I didn't know where she was when that incident happened.

If the fitness center really take care of their customers, maybe they will have more sign-ups, hahaa! ^^