Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meet Ronald in Ronald Mcdonald

*UPDATED with new photos*

I have a friend, named Ronald Li

Once upon a time, when Ronald Li was still a baby boy, Uncle Ronald McDonald have decided to leave him as he used to cry every night and Uncle Ronald McDonald hardly concentrate to invent the super burger McDelicious.

You should be very happy to know the fact, if not, there will be no McDelicious in this world. Ooh my lovely doublecheese beef burger...couldn't imagine life without you

Enough for making story of my own, anyway, this is Ronald.

I met him for lunch just now, in his papa's franchise, McDonald. See, I really love to make stories... Actually nope, his dad is not Ronald McDonald (who doesn't know?! Ronald's hair isn't red and he didn't wear yellow). Hahahaha :P

He ordered Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, wooowooooh, looks fantastic!
Gonna order it next time :P

Actually, the real one looks much better than this ;)

Even Ronald couldn't resist it!

Funny dude

I really wanted to slap him, look at him...hahaa :P

Ronald is leaving Malaysia this Sunday. He is going to Melbourne, Australia to proceed his studies in Public Policy. This was why, we met up for lunch today. I knew him for more than 2 years, he was a consultant in SEGi College. I still remember he called me and introduced a program offered in SEGi, ah..this was how we knew each other. Anyway, I didn't enroll that program, however, when he knew I was looking for a job (that time), he got me a job in SEGi College, as a course consultant. I only stayed that position for less than a year, the working environment was fine, just wasn't what I like.

The first time I met him was in his office, he thought I wanted to sign up, he brought me to the front desk, and we queued up.

"Why do we need to queue up?"

"Oh, we need to wait for our turn to do the registration.."

he thought I wanted to sign up, but actually I just wanted to know more about the course offered, how funny! He looked so disappointed, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Anyway, so nice of him, the moment he knew I was looking for a job, immediately he introduced me in.
Okay, so that was the first time we met.

The second time, was when I was working with SEGi. I needed informations about some universities, so we met again. Just a short meeting. Forgot to mention, we were in different branches ;)

The third time, was after I resigned from SEGi. We went for Indian Foods near the college


Ronald & I

The fourth time...was this afternoon ;)
We met for less than 5 times, that's why I remember. Actually I remember people, things around me quite well. Normally, I remember things that my friends forgot about themselves or things happened years ago.. treat me nice, love me more...if not I will remember you for life. Hahaha :P

Anyway, these are some photos I took right after I left SEGi College

Jenny & I
She is a sweet girl, I used to love her silky hair and long legs
Sweetie Jenny & Violet

Steven and I
With Steven

With Xiao Niu (小牛)
Super thin! ^^
Jason...he is super thin!

The one on my left was Alex
I'm their boss :p

Nicholas and Elvis, they are students
Nicholas, Violet & Elvis

"I think we will not meet each other for more than 10 times for the rest of our lives"

"I will come back, maybe years later, haha"

"Yeah, this is why I said so. See, maybe you will come back only after 10 years"

"Ooh maybe, gotta see if I have the money"

"This is why. So we will meet again after 10 years. After that, maybe you got married in Australia, have your own family and don't wanna spend money or don't have extra money to buy flight ticket, maybe another 20 years to come back"

"Wah! Don't say I don't have money, haha"

"So...years later, maybe around 50 years, you come back again. I think we are still alive by then, maybe maybe maybe we will live till 120 years old. But I've calculated, it's quite impossible for us to meet more than 10 times in our lives. Hahaha!"

That's quite true ;)

Well, I hope he will meet the girl of his dream in the far land. Erm, actually not too far, hehehe! Who knows Kevin might bring me for a trip in Aus? :P But definitely not this year, and not next year...because we already have got lots of traveling plans in this 2 years ^^

2 weeks later, we are going to fly off Malaysia, to a fantastic island in Thailand, weeeheeeee! Looking forward to it! :D

P/S, updated on 11, July
Photos from Ronald, just got it from him ;)
I don't like flash, but these few photos look fine

Yup, that's my double cheese beef burger, heheee!

I looked 'drunk' here, LOL!
Well in fact my eyes were half blinked only, nobody will get drunk of orange juice :P

Alright, this is the funniest one among the rest, now I know some of the people looked funny when they are serious :P

That's all! ^^