Sunday, July 6, 2008

Karaoke! Green Box

Delifrance, Sg. Wang

Coffee, Tea or Me?
Dinner, You or Me?

Obviously, Kevin chose Tea over Me

And I chose apple juice

Chicken Forestiere, served with garden salad and mashed potatoes

Chicken Arabiatta,
no, it wasn't spicy at all, it was served with "special" tomato gravy

He didn't do this intentionally

After lunch, we just walked around, wanted to sing Karaoke, but I don't like their buffet style...ermmm, not "don't like", but I was too full to think of any foods. We got back to car, sat for an hour, finally decided we should sing K, because the last time was years ago


Foods AGAIN, I hope you are not bored of it

Some sweet ones

K歌之皇 (King of Karaoke)

K歌之后 (Queen of Karaoke)

开玩笑的啦 LOL!!!

So silly of me, actually I used self-timer for these...and pretended that we were singing (Nope, actually we were really singing, just let the timer went on) :P

I just found out Karaoke is a good weekend activity, mmmm...considering to be their regulars! After all we just signed up to be their members :)


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