Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Patong Beach

My Day 2
Woke up at 7am, showered and well-groomed. But thaaat Kevin, was still sleeping. So I took some self-portraits :P

See the man behind me?
Actually he woke up and showered already, just lazy to move out :P

I nagged nagged and nagged him,

"We are not here to sleeeep..."

"Wake up wake up wake up!!"



Patong Beach!

Kevin has double chin :P
Nope, actually he doesn't

Aarggg, I started to miss Phuket

Me, so short without heels

Some happy shots

Somehow I love this photo, even though I looked terribly silly

Chicken feet :P

My new sand nail enamel

Jumping project again! ^^
Hmmm, but this time violet didn't have good jumping shots, only Kevin did

After a few hours spent on the beach, we went for local Thai foods
What's this game called? I wonder...

Couldn't believe, I ordered Pad Thai again. I didn't know it's the same Pad Thai I ordered last night, just different place :S

Some complimentary fruits
We have Rambutan and watermelon in Malaysia too ^^

Ermmm...I have too many photos on Day 2, need to organize before posting it up :))



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful vacation!
I am always longing to go visit other countries other than m'sia
But I never g0t a chanCE!

violetmay said...

Maybe you can organize a trip after this year end, or maybe after SPM? ;)
Phuket is a very nice place, long to go there again! ^^

laverew said...

Wow, you are really hot in that dress..........anyway we have a game very much like the one that you and Kevin were playing, here it is called "Connect Four".........I really, really, really do like the way you look in those dresses....


violetmay said...

Thanks Larry, finally I know the name of the game, "Connect four" huh? :P
From the photo, you knew I'm sooo soooo lousy in this game, or maybe not me dumb :P

Thank you for liking my dresses, your message made me smile :))

Anonymous said...

After Spm?
HAHA...or maybe during my honeymoon
LOL...no money!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeahh
I have sent you an email in ur mail box
do reply!

Marius Muscalu said...

Wow ! You have MANY great photographs here...why don't you share them on Flickr ?

violetmay said...

Hi Marius!! ^^

I thought I have too many photos from Phuket, so I decided to post up here and a few on Flickr :)