Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A day in the office

This is my new notebook cooler, it's only RM39 or 49, something like that :)

I like the combination of red and black, but if they have got violet and white, that would be another story


Something from Eling, my sister
I would call it a palm comforter,
My zodiac isn't rat, but how gross if it's a pig comforter? (Maybe it's cuter, kakaka) :P

Doink, this is why I call it as a palm comforter (I know comforter doesn't look like this, okay? I'm not dumber, only an idiot) :P

Some experiments :)
Before and After

I like the effect because it makes my eyes looked bigger; and skin smoother :P
I don't look like this

Only my button nose didn't change...sigh :S



Mike said...

Good think your nose didn't change! It's so cute!

violetmay said...

Hahaha, I guess I will become a button-nose-nanny one day, I don't have the guts to go for plastic surgery, who knows they might poke a hole on my chubby cheek? :P

Anonymous said...


I am eunice
15 years old from Ipoh.

I came across your blog and also ur pictures in Flickr
It's awesome....
Seriously, I love the camera effects.
and it must be a good quality one ,I guess.

Hope to know you better.
nice to meet you
have a nice day.

p.S.: May I have your email address?

violetmay said...

Hi eunice, nice to meet you too :)
You are so young! ;)

I'm not using pro cameras. I only have Canon S5i and Canon Ixus 40. However, my self-portraits are mainly taken by Ixus 40, which is only 4.0 mega pixels (it's my 1st camera and I'm still loving it). About the effects, that's because of photo enhancing programs :)

My email: violet@violetvoon.com

Have a great day too :))