Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tiger, Ong to Pig

That's so cute/sweet of my mum :)
She went for a short trip with my dad in Genting Highlands, 3 days 2 nights. And look what she got for me?

A tiger key chain
She said, tiger is Ong (will bring good luck) to pig. My Chinese Zodiac is Pig according to Lunar Calendar. I'm not a Mickey Mouse.

I used to think like this
"Why I'm a January baby? If my birthday was after Chinese New Year, then my Zodiac would be rat but not pig."

"Boar...that sounds terrible! I'd rather be a rat than a boar!"

Years after years...until today.
I think boar is far better than rat. At least they are cleverer than rats, LOL!
And piglets are cuter than Mickey Mouse.
I still love Mickey Mouse, it was my idol when I was small. One of the reasons I love to be a boar is...boar is my mum's zodiac too ^^ She is 24 years older than me (OF course!)

Anyway, these are some other key chains mum bought for my sisters and brother

My tiger key chain is the nicest one, hohoho :P

"Mum, why you bought so many key chains? Genting is not a rare place to visit right?"

"Ah...because I have got a voucher, it's RM50...so I thought buying key chains is a good deal"


LOL! Actually with RM50, she could get a better deal ;)
Anyway, she is my mum, always the cutest one ^^

Hmmm...this is nothing to so with this blog, I only think wearing this color to work is exciting :P