Tuesday, July 15, 2008


**To people who loves me, friends who love me or anybody who loves me, this entry is not dedicated to you, the content is violence and will make you sick of me. Promise to leave today's entry if you still wanna love me**

What the hell?
Even my parents never judge what I'm wearing, what makes you think I will change anything to please you?

Nowadays people are SO FUNNY, especially for those who think they are much more older than you, have more experiences that you do. Recent months, A LOT of these kind of people approach me and started to talk something I HATE to listen, or should say OBEY. WHO ARE YOU? Do I really need to ask your permission to do anything? To move every step?

SO many people out there, if I listen to You, and yOu and yoU, so many you in this world. You say this, yOu say that, which YOU should I listen? I can't be pleasing everyone of you, Can I?

MAYBE YOU THINK IT'S FOR MY OWN GOOD, NOT TO PLEASE YOU. But seriously I really hate when people try to control me. CAN'T BREATH, why don't you just take a knife and stab me instead of talking talking talking, trying to change ME?

BY THE WAY, I don't see any problems with MYSELF, did I step on your tiny tail? If not then stop talking non sense about me! Don't say I shouldn't be with A, B, C or D!

I'm ME, don't try to input somethings which does not belongs to me, OKAY?
Because now I'm FCUKING TIRED of so called GOOD ADVICES. I can't tell you right to your face, because I HATE arguing with anybody, young, old, male female homosexual whatever

I've said TOO many times, I HATE ADVICES, if I don't ask for your advices, just shut up!! If you have too many things to say, go find a mirror and talk to yourself, GET LOST!

Yeah, maybe I'm too sensitive, so what?

I can't believe, my first hundred entry ended up like this


Mike said...

Sorry Violet, but I read today's entry. Maybe because I don't desire to care for you, but because I just care for you.

No matter. Two ears to listen to you, two shoulders to carry your burden, two arms to offer to hold you up. That's all I can offer. Well, that and a sometimes grumpy disposition! :P

Take care.

violetmay said...

Thank you Mike, for your kindness..

I'm feeling much more better today. Started to think back the incidents happened lately. Perhaps..I was too sensitive