Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy happy birthday

Happy Birthday, my dearest Cynthia!!! >^.^<

Nothing much I can do this year, because you are too far, couldn't even meet for a dinner... :(

I found some old photos of us, maybe 5 years back...we were so young, so naive, so happy, worry less.. Thank you for those sweet days, I really miss you lots, long to meet you again :)

Today is your birthday, let's party!! ^^

I really LOVE this one ^^

Our signatures, hahahaa :P

I remember, you spent 2 hours to design your very own sign, me? I only spent less than 5 minutes, this is why, yours is much more special than mine. LOL!
PS: When is our next date?

I even found this one!!!
With Annie in Mid Valley, I wonder if both of you still keep it ;)

Be merry, be happy...
Have a happy birthday

With lots of hugs and loves,
Muacksss :*)