Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23, July 2008

I couldn't believe my new car's bumper merely survived for 3 days.

Nobody kissed it, it was because of Kevin...and I.
Sigh...don't want to talk about it, headache and really upset :(
I wanna change topic, think about something happy happi

Michell came around and have lunch with me, together with her colleagues Bell and Wee


IMG_0006123 I'm still very sad, my car's new bumper :'(((
Kevin will pay for the cost this time, but his money is my money, so...sigh, I'm stingy. And NO, his money is not my money, because all of his salary goes to my account :P
Hahaha, I'm kidding.
But hey! My mood turned good when I imagine this, strange huh? HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, I'm flying off tomorrow, it's time to pack ;)))
Wonder if I have time to blog before I leave home tomorrow?