Monday, July 14, 2008

Working=Boring, why working life is so boring?

Someone's birthday is getting very near... ;)

That's not related to my today's blog actually :P

Today isn't a pleasant day, my mood was extremely bad, everything around me; every people around me were all making me very sick.



I hate sitting in the office, common!!! My job scope doesn't require me to run here and there, I don't have to go to court, I don't have to go to land office (because I don't know where is where). I don't have to...basically, I don't have to go out once I step into my office. I just need to take care of the accounts, bills, administrative work..and entertain some very boring people (in this case, I didn't mean clients, clients are good, at least they speak human languages).

I know I know I know.......................................................
I've grown up years ago, I know I know I know, I can't be sitting at home, out to shopping, movies anytime, tea anytime, sleep anytime (opps, I still can sleep anytime in the office, there is a nice coach)...basically, I just wanted to say, I HAVE NO FREEDOM

Kevin is good, but he has lots of works, his works are piling up high, up to the ceiling! Working is not like dating. NO NO NO, we never argue even though we work together (in case some of you might think couple will start quarreling once they work in the same place), but... sigh
I don't feel sweet anymore

Weekdays, we meet everyday; weekends, we date
Previously (before I work for him), we dated and never discuss about clients, works etc. BUT NOW, even though it's Saturday, I will need to (if necessary):

"Darling, don't forget the appointment with Madam XXX is tomorrow at X:XX"

"How's the XXX file?"

"Did XXX collect the search results from the land office?"

Things like that

We date, yet still need to think about work ON WEEKENDS

I started to feel I don't wanna meet him on weekends, because I thought that's a kind of work too. If you ask me not to ask anything or just let go the work whilst dating, that's tough for me. I think a lot...I really think a lot, I worry much, afraid this or that is not done yet. Yet I feel so tired, mentally.

Working days are fine for me, I don't have pressures (but no pleasures as well, hmmm...okay, a little pleasure sometimes), or I should say I handle pressure quite well. When I was in ex companies, people were all stressed because of work, but I was always fine (that didn't mean I'm not working hard or not serious ya know?!). I just have my kind of ways to get rid of that troublesome headache frustrating pressures.

Same goes to now...NO!
Maybe YES

Now I work with Kevin, he is my boss. But I actually have my own kind of "freedom" working with him compared to working for others. For examples, I'm tired, okay, I will go to sleep until I get enough. I'm hungry, okay, I will go to buy foods. I'm bored, okay, I will go online (Oh wait! The internet connection is sucking slow there, very often the server is down for hours!). I wanna knit, no wait! Shouldn't knit in the office, not good if clients saw it (yeah, although I can knit if I want to). I can do almost everything I want, but the limitation is there

I can't be skipping work for 2 1/2 hours for a movie, am I right?

I can't be complaining about the same issue everyday. SERIOUSLY, I am thinking to do some part time jobs, get more money, fly out from here. TRAVEL TRAVEL! Life would be SO WONDERFUL if I have a pair of wings. Life would be SO WONDERFUL if I can travel every month, isn't that too much that I'm asking for?

Dreaming doesn't cost a cent ;)