Thursday, July 31, 2008

Karon View Point

My energy level is low, sleep a lot these few days. Guess I'm tired from the trip. Very strange, I actually lost my appetite during the trip, and I thought

"Maybe I shopped too much, and didn't feel the need to eat"

But now I'm back, I still don't have appetite to eat much. What happened to me? I used to eat a lot before the trip! I looked back those photos, realized we (Kevin and I) didn't eat much for the past weekend. 2 meals in a day, and I couldn't finish my foods all of the time. Kevin ate my leftover and, Opps, I mean, he ate his foods, and we share my foods. :P

Maybe I'm pregnant


That's impossible, I SWEAR, this will not be happened before I get myself married. SOmetimes, I can be very narrow-minded. But I can accept it if it's not me

Alright, should continue with some photos

Day 2, still...
too many photos

Karon View Point

Wonderful view!

The lovely couple


Look at his tummy, LOL!
This is what happened if you ate somebody's leftover, erm I mean share foods :P
Na...actually we have a secret travelers' pouch

Kevin and Toto, our driver cum tour guide
His name is so cute, in case you don't know what Toto represent in gaming industry (Malaysia), you can click here :P

Try your luck, see if you can strike the first prize!

Toto's son

Toto and his son looked alike, don't you think so? :))



laverew said...

I love your dress, white is a very good color for you to wear. I don't think that you haven't worn anything that did not look good on you.


violetmay said...

Thank you Larry :)

White dress is always my favourite choice. In fact, I have a few more white dresses, but I've gained weight over months, I don't look good in it anymore :(

Wish me luck, I really wanna lose weight (I think only 2% girls wanna gain weight) :P

laverew said...

Hello again,

Why is it that women always think they need to lose weight, even the ones who look very good? Oh well there is nothing that us fellows can say because women will do what they want anyway, LOL. Of course I disagree with you, I think you look great. There is a few photo's of you in a dress with a nice flower print that you look fantastic in also. You wear dresses so very well............

Larry.........good luck with your losing weight